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Synonyms for seeing

the faculty of seeing

Synonyms for seeing

normal use of the faculty of vision

having vision, not blind

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In the excited and exalted state of my brain, I could not think of a place without seeing it, or of persons without seeing them.
While Rostov was thus arguing with himself and riding sadly away, Captain von Toll chanced to ride to the same spot, and seeing the Emperor at once rode up to him, offered his services, and assisted him to cross the ditch on foot.
Seeing that Lady Arabella was secretly following Adam, he was confirmed in this idea.
He therefore missed seeing that Adam branched off the track and returned to the high road.
With superbly drawn illustrations by Claudine Gevry, Seeing Stars by Dandi Daley Mackall is a picturebook introduction to a remarkable collection of constellations and star figures ranging from Orion the Hunter, to Draco the dragon, to Cassiopeia the Queen, to so many more, all tied together with a charming set of verses commenting on each featured star pattern.
So these two men represent two basic ways of thinking, two ways of seeing the world: as basically natural or as supernatural, and they thus symbolize the basic differences between theology and science.
I want people to be disgusted but not know why, because they're not seeing the violence on the screen.
Capuchins' reactions signal an intermediate self-awareness that lies somewhere between seeing the mirror image as another individual and recognizing the reflected figure as self, according to a team led by psychologist Frans B.
For dancers, those pivotal moments might come from seeing a breathtaking performance, watching the evolving artistry of a colleague, or opening their minds to the revelations offered by a coach, choreographer, or director.
Eyes, seeing and unseeing, recur throughout Gottlieb's pictographs, in a variety of facial contexts.
Discoverers, all of us--explorers, seeing what lay on the other side of the horizon.
Think of an iatrogenic complication (medications, procedures) when seeing an unexplained change in the clinical course of a hospitalized patient--a first seizure, for example, is due to either something they received or something they didn't receive.
Of the 40 disengaged fathers, who were not seeing their children regularly, all of the women had actively discouraged contact.
Only 16% reported predominantly seeing patients using Medicaid, and 5% saw mainly Hispanic or black patients.