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a dealer in seeds

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Founded in Berkshire, the company later moved to Devon and took over old North Wales seedsmen Dobies.
I've been told by dealers and seedsmen all the way from here to North Carolina that anywhere from 35 to 50 percent of all of the wheat acres in the Midsouth have been planted with seeds gotten illegally," said Duff Nolan, a Stuttgart attorney representing the seed companies.
The authors wish to thank Independent Professional Seedsmen Association and Pioneer Hi-bred International for funding this study.
Quality seedsmen Thompson & Morgan has been supplying seeds to gardeners around the globe since 1855.
Most seedsmen offer sets by color: white, yellow and red.
When you consider the fact that 200 people from seedsmen to technicians and plant breeders come to the Molokai each year and stay an average of two and a half weeks each, it's quite a contribution to our small economy," says DeCourcy.
Unwins Seeds, of Cambridge, are the specialist seedsmen, especially if you want to grow them for exhibition.
So it's good to find that the seedsmen are encouraging us to start earlier and have selected a fantastic range of easy-to-grow, cut 'n' come again flower seeds.
Lacking advice from seedsmen, books, or other gardeners, you are normally best-off selecting the longest-season varieties you can grow to full maturity in your locale.
Following additional field studies in California and Florida, USDA released Beta Ill seed to seedsmen and breeders for further trials in 1986.
Early Native Americans and later farmer seedsmen selected seeds from plants that had desirable traits such as large nonshattering ears.
So we've put together a special offer collection of varieties picked especially for their flavour by top seedsmen, Mr Fothergill's Seeds.
SEEDSMEN Thompson and Morgan have new salad crops in their range this year.
Now as a result of a partnership between seedsmen Thompson and Morgan and clematis expert Raymond J Evison, the first comprehensive full colour catalogue on clematis was launched at the Chelsea Flower Show.
The authors thank Independent Professional Seedsmen Association and Pioneer Hi-bred International for funding this study.