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a several-seeded dehiscent fruit as e

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Although vegetable entomologists are very familiar with flea beetles, diamondback moth, and cabbage aphid, they are much less familiar with species such as swede midge, cabbage seedpod weevil, and bertha armyworm--species treated in depth within this book.
Critics emphasize that their "ecology is incredibly simple" (Metzger 58), one in which "[a]nimals (mulefa), plants (seedpod trees), and technology (the mulefa's using seedpods as wheels, lubricated with the trees' oil) have evolved into mutual interdependence that both requires and produces Dust" (Shohet 31).
Heroin is derived from morphine, a naturally occurring substance extracted from the seedpod of the Asian poppy plant.
Yet still do you eat cinnamon whole, calyx, seedpod and all
She jumped up and cheered, sending a seedpod tumbling from her pocket.
The cabbage seedpod weevil (Ceulorhynchus obstrctus) is native to Europe, but invasive to North America, where it menaces canola crops.
Seedpod forms, reminiscent of Poinciana seeds (which cover the ground in the area) were placed in a grid formation.
Remove all dead flowers by nipping off at the neck, behind the seedpod.
By February the flowers bloom, then the blossoms fall away to reveal a bulging seedpod.
Each leaf or seedpod or blade of grass is breath-takingly unique and perfect.
The nasturtium flower, leaves and seedpod have a spicy, peppery, cress-like tang, rich in Vitamin C.
An interest in American Indian culture and working with clay inspired this reduction-fired seedpod bowl lesson.
As soon as the long stems have unfurled from the seedpod, they need pricking out carefully.
The pockmarked spherical body and pointy-petaled seedpod in Aurlia Gouthroii Blastula and Aurlia Gouthroii Blastula (Detail) are decidedly more sinister in ambience.