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young plant or tree grown from a seed

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Seedling production, being a relatively new activity in Balochistan, could become a typical female agri business activity to generate their own income.
Access to high quality vegetables seeds and seedlings were identified as essential inputs to advance the horticulture sector in Balochistan.
A negative correlation was found between concentrations of leachate nutrients and seedling height growth in all container sizes.
Another very important factor that should be considered for the seedling production in nurseries is the light intensity; once light is directly related to photosynthesis (Campos & Uchida, 2002).
Lower density of false Solomon's seal in deer-present plots could have negatively affected survival of sugar maple seedling by making them more accessible as browse for deer.
The subject was the ongoing coffee seedling dispersal scheme.
You can also pour chamomile tea into the liner you set the seedling tray into so you can water seedlings from below.
During all these years we were not able to sell a single seedling for forestation purposes, despite the fact that we are the largest grower of seedlings of coniferous species in Pakistan.
On the other hand, Dar et al (2002) have mentioned that small seeds to medium sized ones produced better germination and seedling vigor than those of bigger ones [7].
Seedlings hill-1: The data on seedlings hill-1 showed the higher values of yield attributes with 1-seedlings hill-1 followed by the decreasing trend with the increase in seedling number hill-1.
Carefully lift each seedling by the tip of a leaf and insert it into a hole made in the compost with a pencil or bamboo cane.
The ministry said in the statement that it is always keen to bolster the biosecurity levels in the country by stepping up close control over the imports of animals and seedling shipments along with other agriculture-related materials and double-check that they are free from pests and diseases.
At present, however, there is little evidence to support this theory, since aging studies of blue oak stands indicate that seedling recruitment occurs over long intervals rather than during short pulses (Kertis et al.
Seedling growth is a photomorphogenic process that is most responsive to light.
Foliar herbivory damage can negatively affect seedling (Coley 1983, Dirzo 1987, Coley 1990), and can be severe enough to determine seedling fate (Sullivan 2003).