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Synonyms for seeder

a person who seeds clouds

a mechanical device that sows grass seed or grain evenly over the ground

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a kitchen utensil that removes seeds from fruit

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In a one-year research a few years back, the Korean riding type seeder and the PhilRice drum seeder were evaluated at the PhilRice Central Experiment Station.
president Ronald Reagan created a premise for Estonia to regain independence," Seeder said.
Better stand establishment and grain yield were observed in turbo seeded wheat in comparison with happy seeder and zone disk tiller sown wheat.
The shank used in no-till seeder has adjustable length depending on the desired depth of operation, up to 0.
Various shots, Chiv loading rice drum seeder with seeds
50 and a 1-row Columbia seeder with fertilizer attachment and row marker went for $26.
For the plow shank of the seeder to work efficiently, it is of fundamental importance to evaluate parameters of soil mobilization dynamics, such as soil expansion, elevation area and mobilized area (Grotta et al.
The precision seeder business of Herriau, also known under the Turbosem brand, was part of products sold under the Herriau brand.
I had one seeder and was given another when I realized that for a few hundred dollars, I could cut out three trips on each bed.
Further configure your Super Seeder with accessories like front-spiked rollers, disc blades, and cast iron cultipackers.
Bailey 12 tonne Silage Trailer PS8,400; JD 6400 1998 Tractor PS7,800; Renn Crimper Mill PS7,700; Staines Bale Trailer PS6,900; Welgar Square Baler PS6,200; Einbock Preumaticstar Spring Tine Air Seeder PS4,200; Flemming Rollers PS3,800; KW Root Chopping Bucket PS3,400.
2) Seeder phase algorithms: BitTorrent seeders apply different unchoke strategies depending on the implementation.
A precision seeder, while not an absolute necessity, is damn convenient and time maximizing for accurately planting small grains like clover, alfalfa, cereal grains and warm season grasses.
It should be noted that the E2Server is the first seeder of a torrent file.