seed weevil

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a small beetle that infests the seeds of legumes

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The insect pests of concern are 4 species of weevils and 1 moth species: the big avocado seed weevil, Heilipus lauri Boheman; the small avocado seed weevils Conotrachelus aguacatae Barber and C.
The agency also proposed to allow the importation of Philippine mangos from areas that are either free of mango seed weevil or are treated for the pest in accordance to US rules on the treatment of imported fruits.
Oviposition behavior and pod marking in the cabbage seed weevil, Ceutorhynchus assimilisi.
For many years there have been restrictions on Mexican avocados because of the seed weevil problem.
The final rule will require additional inspection and monitoring of foreign irradiation facilities while increasing the dose required for one pest, the mango seed weevil, from 100 Gray to 300 Gray.
To date, there is no published information available on the avocado seed weevil C.
These actions are necessary because surveys have determined that additional areas within the Philippines are free of mango seed weevil and mango pulp weevil," the Aphis said in its proposal.
Oviposition behaviour and pod marking in the cabbage seed weevil, Ceutorhynchus assimilis.
APHIS has proposed regulations that would allow the use of irradiation to control species of fruit flies and the mango seed weevil in imported fruits and vegetables.
In USDA insecticide trials at four sites, researchers found less severe kernel brown spot where the plants had been sprayed well before harvest time with insecticides used to control the banded sunflower moth and the seed weevil.
Faber has studied, in particular, damage done by both the seed weevil and the stem borer weevil in Mexico and Costa Rica.
The best find from the expeditions may be seed weevil the researchers brought back from western Spain.
Mr Hicks said that Mavrik is also a good option during later flowering, when the target becomes seed weevils and pod midge.
Along Clear Lake Road, crews distributed seed weevils to try to control the spread of Scotch broom.