seed beetle

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a small beetle that infests the seeds of legumes

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Top-down, bottom-up, and horizontal mortality variation in a generalist seed beetle
In a 2000 paper in Nature titled "Genital damage, kicking and early death," two researchers reported evidence that seed beetle mating might have more conflict than concord.
Classification and comparative biology of the seed beetle genus Caryedes Hummel (Coleoptera: Bruchidae).
For example, in the seed beetle Stator limbatus (Coleoptera: Bruchidae), females change the size of eggs that they make in response to host stimuli, so that their progeny are prepared for the host plant upon which they will develop (Fox et al.
Biotypes of the seed beetle Callosobruchus maculatus have differing effects on the germination and growth of their legume hosts.
The seed beetle workers while investigating taxonomic revisions as well as carrying out the pioneer studies on bruchids fauna from the Indian subcontinent, never came across this notorious pest species.
This also explains why such severe sexual conflicts as in the case of the seed beetle cannot be observed everywhere.
A I CAN only think this is the work of the strawberry seed beetle, although slugs also eat large holes out of the fruit.
In the seed beetle Stator limbatus (Coleoptera: Bruchidae), there is substantial variation in body size both within and among populations.
Our data indicate that parental rearing host has a large non-genetic influence on offspring life histories in the seed beetle, Stator limbatus.
Bruchidius siliquastri was newly recorded in France as a seed beetle of C.
Relationships between larval density, adult size and egg production in the cowpea seed beetle Callosobruchus maculatus.
Relationships between larval density, adult size, and egg production in the cowpea seed beetle, Callosobruchus maculatus.
The seed beetle, Penthobruchus germaini, is a biological agent control for Parkinsonia aculeata in Australia.