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Synonyms for sedulous

characterized by steady attention and effort

Synonyms for sedulous

marked by care and persistent effort


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The Ministers also agreed on mechanisms for the implementation of the Riyadh Document, based on the principles stipulated in the GCC statute, hailing the move as a historical attainment that crowned 33 years of sedulous efforts, to achieve the interests of the member-states' peoples and pave the way for the shift to a more secure and stable situation that enable them to counter the challenges together as a one firm entity.
2) How sedulous is a moot point, as other than 7cm of papers and illustrations, a brief migrant journal, and 35 maps, there is almost nothing held in this or other libraries documenting Roberts' life or career.
Hence we should show sedulous care in preserving a practice which is based on divine teaching and apostolic observance, a practice which is indeed faithfully followed among us and in practically every province.
it did not come naturally to Joschko to distinguish the image from its mirror image, he only felt an enmity at which the valet's sedulous alacrity barely hinted.
Louisville Boulder Sedulous Foods Centennial Arapahoe seOverflow Denver Denver Serpentix Conveyor Corporation Westminster Jefferson Silver Bullet Water Treatment LLC Denver Denver SkyWerx Industries LLC Pagosa Springs Archuleta SmarterChaos.
The Scots have always been a fiercely independent people, but it surprised me how far this sedulous process of separation has gone already.
For example, there is no mention in these works of the Constitution's sedulous refusal to refer to slavery directly; the words "slave" and "slavery" never appear.
that a confident conclusion about the principal tendency of a restriction will follow from a quick (or at least quicker) look, in place of a more sedulous one.
1975, Chile), author of the sedulous and well-received novella diptych Bonsai and The Private Lives of Trees.
September Storm's dam, So Sedulous, has produced Listed winner Satchmo, by Surumu, along with two further brothers to September Storm in Storm Trooper, a Listed winner and third in the German Derby, and Subiaco, a Group 2 winner who was runner-up in the German Derby.
AMONG THE MANY EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY WRITERS SEDULOUS TO ENACT what Adam Smith called his era's "love of system," William Cullen, the well-esteemed Edinburgh physician and Professor of Medicine at Glasgow and later Edinburgh, deserves a place in the first rank.
In early Christian historiography, Theodosius II, brought up to the strictest Christian discipline by his saintly, sedulous sister, the regent Pulcheria, is used to evidence how prosperity comes to those God favors for their religiosity; and so Massinger's main source, a translation of Caussin's Holy Court, builds from this view an extended argument that ascetic perfection, even in the highest heights of worldly power, is no "impossibility" (77) But did this radically sheltered education, administered by women, have an adverse effect on the emperor's confidence and decisiveness as a warrior and governor?
Reasons," "objections," "answers," and "inferences" required working through; "cases of conscience" threw up a flurry of "imaginations" and "conceits" demanding sedulous correction; and words whose contestable meanings were at the heart of Hooker's concern needed to be handled with precision.
Fortunately for the sedulous Hughes, winning a joint Tommy Hilfiger/Glamour magazine contest helped catapult his team into the entertainment spotlight--performing for Mariah Carey, partnering with Nike for their 21 Mercer boutique's grand opening and bestowing the team with thirty new uniforms delivered personally by Ciara.
However, as Colin Hay (2007) has argued, globalisation in fact presents no obstacles to deliberative determination of living standards that sedulous political action could not dislodge.