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Synonyms for seductress

Synonyms for seductress

a usually unscrupulous woman who seduces or exploits men

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a woman who seduces

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There are many more forgotten names like the seductresses
The debate around representation of women on celluloid is old, adding a fresh impetus to it is Khoj Studio's latest exhibition of memorabilia, titled ' The Other Woman', remembering the vamps, dancers and seductresses of Hindi cinema from the 1930s to the 1990s.
The star, Donny Osmond, requested more modest attire for Potiphar's seductresses in heavily Mormon Utah, The Salt Lake Tribune said Friday.
The book's title comes from the female personae Paglia sees missing from contemporary feminism: seductresses with "vampiric power over men," women who know how to make men helpless.
Some pecked and bluffed menacingly at their stiff rivals; some courted the more appealing models, offering gifts of fish and even mounting the coy seductresses.
Throughout history, male prostitutes have been ignored by urban courts while female prostitutes have been singled out as criminals, evil seductresses, and carriers of disease.
The gruesome flick reverses the roles on a sleazy nightclub where the hunter becomes the hunted as evil seductresses pick up men and give them a lot more than they expected when they take them home.
A group of European gay activists wrote an open letter in February to the Bremerhaven Zoo in northern Germany demanding that the zoo halt plans to try to turn three male pairs of Humboldt penguins straight with "organized and forced harassment through female seductresses.
Today our streets are crowded with billboard images of movie stars, rock stars, sports stars, seductresses, automobiles and other man-made objects displayed in glorious images.