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Synonyms for seductress

Synonyms for seductress

a usually unscrupulous woman who seduces or exploits men

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a woman who seduces

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Sarah Tynan captures two ' sides of Manon - seductress and yearning for love
This girl is not a complainant, she is a seductress and prostitute who sought money.
Duffy has professed that she identifies with the seductress she portrays in director Marc Evans's filmPatagonia.
Its handy Star Lights palettes enable you to create every role your heart desires from elegant lady to sultry seductress.
The Mystical Seductress Handbook" takes a walk on the wilder side of spirituality, the kind that embraces love and sex between a woman and her man as the most raw and pure spirituality there is.
But the sharp-eyed businessman sees through her scheming ways, as well as her lacy lingerie and tells the shocked wannabe seductress to take a hike.
She notes that in commentaries Bathsheba was portrayed both as an evil seductress and as a prefiguration of the Church, casting away evil (Uriah) for good (David as Christ).
And I loved being a seductress with a very long tail.
And Angelina provides the voice of a sexy seductress.
She plays a seductress who creates a dangerous rivalry between the siblings, then leads them into a life of crime.
Seductress Scarlett Johansson burns up the screen in Woody Allen's first British movie -about tennis, love, luck and a crime of passion.
Firstly there's the cast headed by a quartet that might have been together forever with Karen Coker's Venus, a sharp talking blonde seductress chasing Loren Geeting as the hapless Rodney Hatch.
The play, currently running at Foreman's Ontological-Hysteric Theater in New York City, has all the telltale accoutrements of the writer/director's personal theatrical universe: a crazy-quilt environment, hallucinogenic visual effects, baffling philosophical voiceovers, a sinister chorus of identical extras, a mysterious siren seductress.
Like many powerful men his downfall was to fall obsessively in love with an ambitious seductress.
Sadie is a scheming seductress who will stop at nothing to get her own way.