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Synonyms for seductress

Synonyms for seductress

a usually unscrupulous woman who seduces or exploits men

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a woman who seduces

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Like many powerful men his downfall was to fall obsessively in love with an ambitious seductress.
Sadie is a scheming seductress who will stop at nothing to get her own way.
Here, a seductress in a black push-up bra meets a woman testing a wall duster; the Oriental belly dancer finds a place beside the French maid from the boudoir; women are photographs and cartoons while animals appear in their own skins and as the prints on bra-and-panties sets.
Opinion brokers, in turn, waged a "struggle against pornocracy" (Chapter 6); and the actress, as characterized in plays, novels, and the press, thus again became a dangerous seductress threatening stable families.
It sees Tommy Lee Jones as Kay regain his memory and reunite with Will Smith to fight a sinister seductress threatening to destroy Earth.
The wife of the former MP was apparently embarrassed by the scene, which she dubbed her "Mrs Robinson moment" referring to the middle-aged seductress in the famous film The Graduate.
One of the comforting things about this book is the fact that many of the stories deal with characters and themes that are as indelible and recognizable within the African American community today as they were in the 1920s: the not-so-saintly preacher, the shiftless worker, the scheming seductress, the cunning creatures of nature, the tug between God and the devil, and simply trying to get ahead in a complex world.
Opponents relentlessly portrayed the quiet, devout Rachel as an adulteress at best, more often as a seductress and loose woman.
Rather than an active seductress she is a passive victim of her own beauty who ponders the choices she faces.
Since even the most gifted seductress can use a few tips, alight.
To Giulio, Anna seems evasive and elusive, a dedicated seductress or courtesan who is compensating for her past, which was permeated with loneliness and meager human contact.
Along with her captivating beauty, her reputation as a seductress makes Cattrall perfect for the part.
London, September 3 ( ANI ): English model Kelly Brook turns seductress in a cleavage-squeezing Jessica Rabbit dress by drugging her sugar daddy to steal his money in the new music video from Lawson for their new track Juliet.
THE sizzling seductress from Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster , Mahie Gill is an ' extremely shy person' in real life.
In the film, the actress plays an alien seductress who roams the Highlands in search of male hitchhikers whose body parts she can harvest.