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Synonyms for seductive

Synonyms for seductive

Antonyms for seductive

tending to entice into a desired action or state

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She echoes Sushmita Sen's tranquil seductiveness from Goldie Behl's Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai.
Again, what interests here is the narrative voice, the deft evocation of period manners, and the probing of perennial concerns: marriage and midlife crisis, the unignorable seductiveness of self-destructive impulses, the can't-get-enough fascination of chroniques scandaleuses, the complications of masculinity when its virtues find no outlet.
The people behind Antonio Banderas' new fragrance say The Golden Secret is all about seductiveness and EoACAypowerful attraction'.
I was being sucked into the seductiveness of interstate travel.
It does suggest, though, that part of our Caribbean tale of modernity must be of the seductiveness of its appeal to so many dishonoured by its underlying logic.
To get some clues to the answer, researchers have started trying to measure the seductiveness that separates say Barack Obama from George Bush or Shah Rukh Khan from Vivek Oberoi.
sometimes, the terrible seductiveness of restraint, a genius who adored
Indeed, the seductiveness of surveillance practices and techniques regularly result in their uncritical embrace and acceptance as both inevitable and normal.
I wanted to translate the seductiveness and femininity of French women into make-up.
The boys from the barrio are more concerned by the seductiveness of the football, and sensitivities of history.
The seductiveness of the child's perspective in the opening chapters of Sunley's novel is so successful, that the reader is slow to catch on to the already present signs of an actual and fateful mental disorder.
Jewish men are not considered fully male by Christians who want to caricature them, while caricatures of Jewish women take the body to another extreme in the form of seductiveness.
Wajeman, however, points to painters' efforts to increase the seductiveness of Eve as a way of encouraging the spectator to identify with Adam.
We remember the waywardness of creeping branches, of being entwined by leaves, we succumb to a fascination with the simultaneous creepiness and seductiveness of vegetation.
None of the Guianas have powerful local conservation lobbies, and the seductiveness of big monies for natural resources in depressed economies is very real.