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Synonyms for seductive

Synonyms for seductive

Antonyms for seductive

tending to entice into a desired action or state

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However, had not we the seductive program still, with its Paris, its Constantinople, Smyrna, Jerusalem, Jericho, and "our friends the Bermudians?
It was an alchemy of soul occultly subtile and profoundly deep--a mysterious emanation of the spirit, seductive, sweetly humble, and terribly imperious.
To a man who was so little given to reflection, whose dreams always took the form of definite ideas, reaching into the future, there was a seductive excitement in renewing old experiences in imagination.
It varies in price; and when it's particularly seductive you may swear it comes from Paris.
Slowly it withdrew, sob by sob, into whatever great bosom had birthed it, until it whimpered deadly whispers of wrath and as equally seductive whispers of delight, striving still to be heard, to convey some cosmic secret, some understanding of infinite import and value.
But even without that--if, as you seem to think, the very desolation of that girlish figure had a sort of perversely seductive charm, making its way through his compassion to his senses (and everything is possible)--then such words could not have been spoken.
Her daughter Jane was, of course, as graceful and elegant, as witty and seductive, as she could possibly manage to be; for here were all the ladies to outshine, and all the gentlemen to charm, - and Mr.
She was less dazzling in reality, but, on the other hand, there was something fresh and seductive in the living woman which was not in the portrait.
Tupman, advancing, and speaking in his most seductive tones.
Dickison leaning against the door-post with a melancholy pimpled face, looking as irrelevant to the daylight as a last night's guttered candle,--all this may not seem a very seductive form of temptation; but the majority of men in Basset found it fatally alluring when encountered on their road toward four o'clock on a wintry afternoon; and if any wife in Basset wished to indicate that her husband was not a pleasure-seeking man, she could hardly do it more emphatically than by saying that he didn't spend a shilling at Dickison's from one Whitsuntide to another.
How many scenes, how many amorous episodes he had imagined on this seductive and playful theme, when his work was over
Seductive Interiors by Sera Hersham Loftus, PS30 published by Cico Books If Biba-style boudoirs and crumbling antique furnishings alongside huge blown-up black and white photos of rock stars sounds like your idea of a seductive interior, then you are sure to fall in love with this stylish volume.
Seductive Interiors provides a review of the author's stunning interior designs, packaged in an oversized display of full-page color photos and featuring the boudoir trend she invented, starting with her own home.
This debut EP is impressively seductive, with its Stevie Nicks inflections.
Each relates about woman from different perspective A visitor to the city is accosted by a very seductive and bewitching young woman .