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Synonyms for seditious

Synonyms for seditious

involving or constituting treason

Synonyms for seditious

arousing to action or rebellion

in opposition to a civil authority or government

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Prying eyes and wagging tongues have seditiously been suggesting it was time Smith struck - so no matter how happy he is with his form, he was doubtless delighted to silence the critics.
He has seditiously abused the sanctity of Finsbury Park Mosque to incite violence and race hatred, and actively recruited among British Muslims for terrorism abroad and fundraised for terrorist groups.
In fact it is the opposite, because bloggers are not authoritarian but deeply and seditiously antiauthoritarian.
Seditiously labeled Strike Back, the CD initial surfaced at a press conference on 18 July, 2000 with the intention of exposing Mayor Lastman's ignorance surrounding raves, but subsequently achieved considerable news attention leading up to the August city council vote.