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Synonyms for seditious

Synonyms for seditious

involving or constituting treason

Synonyms for seditious

arousing to action or rebellion

in opposition to a civil authority or government

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Among them are citizens of Qatar, Libya and Yemen, while the groups themselves have aided and abetted the spread of seditious activities.
In an era in which an attack on the established Church was tantamount to an attack on the state, even playful mockery of clergymen could be read as seditious libel and a threat to law and order.
On 2 September 2014, Azmi Sharom, law lecturer at University of Malaya was charged under Section 4(1)(b) and 4(1)(c) of the Sedition Act 1948 over an alleged seditious remark which was later published in the Malay Mail Online.
The court found Maher guilty of "possession of seditious publications against the police and the army" in his second hearing.
For the last three centuries what our newspapers have published has been uncomfortable, seditious, rebellious and inflammatory.
Opposition People's Justice Party (PKR) vice president Tian Chua were among the five who were brought to a Kuala Lumpur court, where they were charged with allegedly seditious remarks during a political forum on May 13 by calling street protests against the May 5 election results.
In recent weeks, Asgar Oladi has said repeatedly that neither man had any seditious intent.
Summary: Mustafa Kamal's latest statement could be construed as seditious and has the potential to fan communal hatred even as it has raised a big question on the Indian judicial system.
I HOPE it is not unpatriotic or even seditious of me to comment on the arrival of 'ZiL' lanes in London as part of the 2012 Olympics (although I understand the state has absorbed the use of the name and anyone who might have been using it for years in their business is hereby criminalised).
Cressy, David, Dangerous Talk: Scandalous, Seditious, and Treasonable Speech in Pre-Modern England, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2010; cloth; pp.
SANA'A, March 02(Saba)- A military information source has denied seditious allegations of Suhail Satellite Channel and its claims that "Yamaniat" Channel is run by what it called a secret kitchen, led by the commander of the Republic Guard.
imams to focus on moderation and keep away from extremism or seditious speech,
The book maps changes in the public perception of "mannish" women against the decline of empire and the rise of eugenics, and examines the histories of male and female same-sex erotics in readings of the New Woman, representations of male and female suffragists, wartime trials of pacifist novelists and seditious artists, and the infamy of novels such as Radclyffe Hall's The Well of Loneliness and Virginia Woolf's Orlando.
So is the consistent banning of classic literature with the list of seditious titles growing and changing at the whim of the authorities.
agitated, angry, anxious, berserk, blustery, boisterous, breezy, choppy, crabby, cross, crusty, deranged, distraught, disturbed, edgy, emotional, excitable, explosive, feverish, fierce, frantic, frayed, frenetic, frenzied, furious, gusty, heated, highly-strung, hotheaded, irate, jumpy, liverish, livid, nervous, nervy, obstreperous, overheated, ratty, restive, restless, rough, seditious, stormy, temperamental, tempestuous, tense, touchy, tumultuous, turbulent, uneasy, uptight, violent, wild, windy, worried