sedimentary rock

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rock formed from consolidated clay sediments

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Mars lacks plate tectonics, and volcanoes do not spew out of sedimentary rock.
7:21), this must mean that Noah's Flood left an immense record of itself in the form of sedimentary rock containing fossils.
Based on the abundance of heated sedimentary rocks that would have released carbon dioxide, Ganino and Arndt estimate that between 61,600 and 145,600 gigatonnes of CO2 were released.
The lightly packed sedimentary rock that held the fossils extends 2,000 km along the rift that formed as Madagascar tore away from Africa.
The sand contained so many crushed seashells that the dune hardened like cement into sedimentary rock, or rock made from layers of compacted sediments (see SW 11/3/97, p.
The researchers said that the original fault line has kept on slipping since the 1994 earthquake, pushing up layers of sedimentary rock that stretch from the Northridge epicenter.
Meanwhile, minerals cement the sediments to form sedimentary rock.
Over time, layers of sand pressed on layers of sand to create sandstone, a kind of sedimentary rock.
7 billion-year-old fossils lie in sedimentary rock that constitutes the Tuanshanzi Formation.
Layers of sedimentary rock containing the fossilized remains of plants and animals--clues about the past.
For more than two centuries, scientists have pondered how Earth constructs dolomite, a mineral that makes up more than 10 percent of all sedimentary rock, including much of the rock in these northern Italian peaks (SN: 11/30/85, p.
At such great depths, pressure from the water and layers above compresses the sediment and organic matter into layers of sedimentary rock, the source for oil.
Swisher and his co-workers dated rock samples collected in the 1950s when PEMEX, the Mexican national oil company, drilled into the Chicxulub structure, which lies beneath a kilometer of sedimentary rock.
Investigators on Leg 122 of the Ocean Drilling Program also collected the oldest section of sedimentary rock ever obtained during scientific ocean drilling.