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produced by the action of water


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Probable faults, inferred from the nature of the contacts, form the boundaries between the sedimentary and volcanic rocks northwest of the Lovelock Mine.
New Delhi [India], Sep 12 ( ANI ): The Union Government on Tuesday gave its approval for a significant project to acquire 48,243 line Kilometer 2D seismic data for appraisal of Indian sedimentary basins.
BCN-TSX:V) and Rare Earth Minerals PLC (REM-LON)) (BCN PR 2016-01-06), where reverse circulation drilling has discovered clay-rich layers in a sedimentary sequence over an area of 6 by 1.
The first and most widespread is the crystalline and the second the sedimentary environments (Ab'Saber, 1974; Brito, 1976; Velloso et al.
Sedimentologists apply their understanding of modern processes to interpret geologic history through observations of sedimentary rocks and sedimentary structures.
The researchers have discovered sedimentary structures on the surface of Mars that are reportedly similar to those formed by microbial life forms on Earth.
More remarkable still, the mountain is layer upon layer of sedimentary rock.
The world's petroleum resources are generally found in sedimentary basins.
To this end, two types of fumed and sedimentary silica were used as the filler in the coating.
PUNE -- The ministry of petroleum and natural gas has approved constitution of a Multi Organization Team (MOT) to carry out re-assessment of hydrocarbon resources of India in all its 26 sedimentary basins.
They cover rocks and minerals, basic mineralogy, basic petrology, igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks, precipitation systems of major sedimentary bodies--collector rocks of oil and gas, host rocks and origins of mineral deposits, resource assessment and economic parameters, and hazards of minerals--rocks and sustainable development.
The aim behind the study of sediments of Caspian Sea Shore is study of the sediments texture, Mineralogy composition and sedimentary minerals.
Granite and Toodyay stone, quartz and even sedimentary rock deep down in Bird Gully, as Tim calls the south-east corner of the block because of the numerous birds that gather in the York gums lining the gully run-offs sides, even sedimentary rocks.
The Eromanga Basin sedimentary rocks that were developed during the Early Jurassic to Late Cretaceous unconformably overlie the older Cooper Basin sedimentary rocks that were developed during the Palaeozoic stage.
3 km, it is sedimentary sequence from Mesozoic to Cenozoic with several faults, it have been formed grabens and horsts structures in the sedimentary rocks.