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Synonyms for sedan

a car that is closed and that has front and rear seats and two or four doors

a closed litter for one passenger


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Fuel shortages and unemployment could bring the sedan chair back.
Examination of the use of sedan chairs in Restoration plays reveals it is commonplace for them to enter houses; indeed, chairs are directed to go not only in and out of rooms, but also up and down stairs.
A HOTEL has unveiled its 17th century solution to 21st century city centre traffic problems - the sedan chair.
Sedan Chairs are ready and waiting to be 'dressed', all that is needed is to raise the pounds 1,000 entry fee per team of nine people.
And we haven't even got to wind sails, roller skates, bicycles, pedal cars, donkey traps and sedan chairs.
One of our galleries, complete with sofas and sedan chairs, easily converts fordrama, dance, music, cinema or whatever's needed.
While we get powdered wigs, sedan chairs and flintlock pistols, we also get the camp Lord Rochester (Alan Cumming) wearing a pierced eyebrow, teddy-boy quiff and a purple hat that wouldn't have looked out of place in the glam rock movie Velvet Goldmine.
Private cars will be as daft to them as sedan chairs and rickshaws are to us.
By contrast, everyone in the South dressed in powdered wigs, had sedan chairs and lived in castles and stately homes.
The sedan chairs are made, ready and waiting, all they need to do is raise the pounds 1,000 entry fee - which most teams are doing with the willing help of their employers - and decorate their chair.
We once had sedan chairs in this country, of course - a few centuries ago.
The movie kicks off with husband and wife Walter and Kitty Fane (Norton and Watts) trekking across rural China, both of them looking thoroughly miserable as they're carried across the stifling landscape in sedan chairs by locals.
Originally these panels were used for the bodies of coaches and for sedan chairs, because papier-mach does not warp like timber panels - and as a material, papier-mach was found to be very adaptable, hard wearing, and strong for its weight.
He should get the presidential suite and be carried everywhere on one of those sedan chairs.
I therefore propose "celebrity" lanes where the likes of me, Titchmarsh and Finnigan are carried around the capital in sedan chairs.