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Synonyms for sedan

a car that is closed and that has front and rear seats and two or four doors

a closed litter for one passenger


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Bristol BBC is on Whiteladies Road at the end of which is Blackboy Hill where the white ladies were carried up in sedan chairs.
That's impressively steep, but probably a lot less hazardous than the sedan chairs that conveyed visitors up before the tramline was introduced in 1888.
Sedan chairs for any distance under 1,000 yards cost 6d (2.
On any Restoration stage it would probably have been easier to accommodate the entrances and exits of bulky props, such as sedan chairs, through wing passageways (a point also made by Visser).
There is no evidence--either textual or visual--known to me for sedan chairs in early Mesopotamia.
That road surface is obviously treacherous - perhaps a safety rail is the answer or liveried footmen to carry women across the road on velvet-cushioned sedan chairs.
Further, it has become customary for outside directors of large companies to be cosseted, coddled, and virtually carried in sedan chairs as they board corporate jets to attend ever more costly board meetings in remote parts of the world.
Over the years when I was doing summarising for television I've seen fighters being brought to the ring on Harley Davidsons, carried to the ring in Sedan chairs carried by nubile slaves.
Thus, we are invited to think of the pollution in the streets of Johnson's London as caused by animal traffic; of those streets planted with the elm, since a prey to Dutch elm disease, because "it gives the best shade, endures the coal smoke very well, stands for a long time green" (observed Per Kalm, an oft-quoted Swedish botanist, visiting in 1749); of the Venetian ambassador's extravagant coach as the "stretch limo" of the day; of women in hooped petticoats trapped in sedan chairs "like captive swans.
But there is a miniature train going through the bank and many sedan chairs are available for the stairs if necessary.
He said the street, where the hotel stands, was originally designed with pavements to accommodate sedan chairs.
Instead of having the Miss Chinatown queen and princesses ride in floats for the parade, he suggested the "possibility of having the Queen, and possibly her court, carried in sedan chairs with the carriers performing their chore in relays.
The Europeans were transported by four Chinese coolies up to the Peak on sedan chairs which were covered to protect the passenger from the sun.
When it was built there was a grand ceremony: the Chinese officials arrived in their sedan chairs, received the documents handing over owernership of the permanent way, and gave a signal.
Such objects range from Beuys' felt suits and fragile, perilously balanced clay flower pots to Espaliu's cages and sedan chairs, Bourgeois' libidinal bedroom furniture, and Butt's ladder.