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a closed litter for one passenger


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Mehmet Bey and Ahmet Bey returned to their sedan chair one morning to find a baby sleeping inside.
The other transport was some beautiful palanquins which reminded me of the sedan chairs we used in the past.
Among the attractions at this year's festival are an afternoon music hall sing-a-long, a Victorian fairground, Queen Victoria's garden party, a town crier's competition, Victorian Olympics - with Sedan chair racing - and a Victorian Ball.
If we read sirda = serdu, CAD defines sirdu as a pole for a chariot or sedan chair (S sirdu, 312-13); CDA defines serdu as a type of document or a "carrying pole" for a litter; AHw 1037 as "ein Art von Vertrag," and also a type of chair.
The ersatz masterpieces were joined by a very real Kiki Smith, resplendent in a sedan chair, looking either regal or slightly nuts.
She is really funny, but doesn't like to get dirty at all -- she would want to be carried everywhere on a sedan chair.
Obviously this should have been simplicity itself since the new judge earns around pounds 250,000 a year and so can afford any form of transport - from a chauffeur-driven Porsche to a silk linen sedan chair carried by minor members of the Royal family.
Four Africans carry, Byrne in on a sedan chair, as if Mr.
In 1986, as thousands of truckers were losing their jobs in the wake of deregulation, Teamsters boss Jackie Presser was having himself hoisted on a gilded sedan chair at a Las Vegas convention.
here we are shaven heads, goat masks, and long hair - strutting butches and nancies, swinging tridents and moons - fairies with wands, muscled slaves with fine pectorals - dancing with sleek skin and flair, girls dancing girls and boys boys - cheering loin-clothed attendants of Neptune and court - throne and sedan chair held shoulder-high, leaf-crowned - here we are bystanders, line-dancing cowboys - and last, mark our tenderness - here we are lesbians - mothers of children, with a banner of pride for our families, our offspring - pride of our breed
But the secure line not installed in his sedan chair so he took limo to Baltimore and caught a sub to NYC for meeting of the High IQ club.
The usual accounts of Franklin's part in the convention might lead one to conclude that he was old and feeble, communicating with other delegates only by short written speeches--which other delegates had to read for him--and unable to walk or even to stand unaided, routinely honored but rarely heeded, useful only because of his international prestige, a jocund, ineffective eminent Methuselah in a sedan chair.
The party -- which took place immediately after the closing session -- featured several of the network's on-air talent, a representative from the Gay Games, plus a booming and colorful "parade of athletes" to represent the Games' international participants, and a glamorous and celebrated "gender illusionist", or drag queen, who was carried by four muscle-bound gladiators in a gold "Q" sedan chair.
I've instructed four of my staff to get a sedan chair.