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counterintelligence achieved by banning or deleting any information of value to the enemy

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The Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) raised the prospect of more civilian job losses.
Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew chairs the interagency Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), which conducts national security reviews of transactions such as the purchase of Smithfield, which is the largest pork producer in the United State.
According to BBC, Cricket Ireland said that the games had been subject to a security review by credible experts, and agreement from the players and staff, which would have been the next stage of the process.
1) Securing Britain in an Age of Uncertainty: The Strategic Defence and Security Review, October 2010.
Theories abound among commentators as to China's motivations and timing in announcing a new national security review mechanism.
A MoD spokesman said: "Each year, we review our plans to take account of changes over the previous 12 months and to ensure that we have the right equipment and manning levels to meet the future needs of our armed forces as agreed in the strategic defence and security review.
The losses come as the MoD is facing 17,000 job losses due to massive cuts in its pounds 34 billion budget following the strategic defence and security review.
Summary: Prime Minster David Cameron has revealed the impact on the military of the Government's Strategic Defence and Security review.
It will set the scene for tomorrow's Strategic Defence and Security Review, which will reveal the shape of Britain's future armed forces and explain what will have to be sacrificed to achieve the 7%-8% savings demanded by the Treasury.
The current Strategic Defence and Security Review will provide an opportunity for the MoD to balance its books in the short-term.
The offer was made in the RAF submission to the Strategic Defence and Security Review this month.
Health bosses have ordered a security review at Limerick's Mid-Western Regional Hospital after the 85-year-old went missing.
Talking to a private news channel she termed it a routine security review for staffers safety in every country.
A security review criticised the MoD last month for "little awareness" about losing information.
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