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an electrical device that sets off an alarm when someone tries to break in

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This provides biometric verification for those organizations requiring additional security measures," said Neil Crocker, vice president of marketing and project management for Datacard Group.
Corillian Intelligent Authentication will create a multi-layered, strong authentication solution that will help Synovus provide non-intrusive security measures that can proactively prevent online fraud from happening and increase the confidence of their customer base.
Use the results of this assessment to design and implement security measures in six concentric zones, from the interior of the building outward to the public domain.
Phelps adds, " The ID card program is one of many security measures SECU is implementing to help reduce and combat fraud.
Corillian Intelligent Authentication is a customer-friendly and highly successful security measure that interprets the information transmitted from the user's computer to the bank's Web site, looking for a pattern of online banking behavior.
Property owners are challenged to meet tenant demands for new security measures because many tenants don't want to pay for them.
Uses cameras, which are installed throughout the office, as an additional security measure.
Also, the added safety and the presence of the amnesty boxes as a security measure may have served as a deterrent effect, although such an effect certainly would merit further research to validate this observation.
The new aviation security measures imposed Thursday by the Clinton administration will confront passengers between American cities with the kinds of long lines, detailed searches and interrogations that international voyagers are used to, and flights out of the country will be scrutinized even more intensively.
They will also provide security audits to review and certify the security measures of NCCAOM's testing programs, Web patrol to help identify unauthorized disclosures of sensitive information, and a security plan which includes policies, procedures, legal agreements and documents relating to the security of NCCAOM's exams.
During the hearing, Perry and Shalikashvili were asked why more stringent security measures were not in place in Saudi Arabia before the bombing last month, especially since Americans were the target of a bombing in November in Riyadh, the Saudi capital.
Consequently, visitors are unlikely to encounter much tangible evidence of the stepped-up security measures that went into effect within hours of the explosion on Feb.
The new survey, sponsored by Ingrian and conducted by InfoTech, the market intelligence and analysis unit of Access Intelligence, was designed to provide insight into security measures currently being undertaken by the financial services industry, attitudes towards the security of consumer information, and the drivers such as legislative mandates and the increasing awareness of security breaches behind current security projects.
The ISO 27001 is the highest certification available from ISO, (adopted from the BS 7799 standards of BSI) and is awarded for effective e-security and physical security measures.
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