security deposit

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the amount of collateral a customer deposits with a broker when borrowing from the broker to buy securities


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As for the security deposit fee, payment can be made using ePay.
000 of their relocation costs related to rentals, such as rental agent fees and the security deposit, easing up anxiety to establish yourself and your family in a new city," says Ernesto Humpierres, Trotter's CEO.
She said her family is in a Catch-22: They don't have the money to pay the security deposit again.
On Wednesday, Dewa said it is "not increasing security deposits for existing customers in their current premises but there is a new rate for security deposits for new move-ins, to ensure that new tenants will not be affected by any outstanding bills from previous tenants".
However, the statement itself indicates that the Dewa may make use of the refundable security deposit for immediate settlement of any outstanding bill left unpaid by tenants moving out of a premise so that the pending bill issue does not affect the reconnection for the new tenants.
AAP's Baljit Kaur managed a poor third and lost her security deposit.
Under the terms of the zero security deposit program, SME merchants are able to process card payments through multiple channels, both domestic and international, through a variety of mediums including e-commerce and Payfort's One-Page Checkout, and they have access to services and products such as the fraud management tool and empowered mobile apps.
This initial security deposit with the service provider is reduced Rs.
The Official said that Sui northern Gas company limited (SNGPL) and Sui southern Gas company limited (SSGCL) charged the security deposit of Rs1500 from new customers which mounted by Rs3000 has now been fixed at Rs4500.
This win-win truly sets our risk management/marketing program apart from other providers in the security deposit alternative space.
Now that you know the steps involved in writing a demand letter, here's an example of what one for the return of the your security deposit could look like.
The tenant pays a security deposit to you as the agent for the property owner, trusting that you will abide by tenant-landlord ordinances.
Jreij is out the $75,000 security deposit he paid for the gas that Green Valley was supposed to supply for both his stations.
One bank does not ask for any security deposit or closing charges.
However, the concept of what a security deposit is, and the purpose for which it is required, has morphed over time.
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