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an adviser about alarm systems to prevent burglaries

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Our security consultants have been working with the Pakistan authorities during the Asia Cup [which ended on Sunday], assessing security, and will report back as soon as possible with their views.
The Islamic Army in Iraq said it had killed "the American security consultant for the Housing Ministry," after the US failed to respond to its demand of the release of Iraqi prisoners.
New to this edition is a chapter by attorney Norman Bates on insurance and liability issues relevant to security consultants, as well as a chapter by James Clark on the use of technology in consulting.
She also urged other ex-servicemen considering taking up a lucrative post as a security consultant in Iraq to think carefully about ``the misery it causes if you don't come home''.
is a Security Consultant at Symantec and has worked in law enforcement and technology account management.
11, engineers, architects, and developers are now working together with security consultants and blast experts.
Rafi Ron, a former security director for the Israeli Airport Authority who now works as a security consultant at Boston's Logan Airport, would like to have behaviour experts patrolling the airport to identify suspicious passengers who would then undergo more comprehensive security checks and interviews.
Today, several years more experienced and wiser, Schneier has penned a magisterial book on computer security grounded in his work as a security consultant and the first thing he tells readers is that "security is a process, not a product.
Kocher, an independent digital security consultant in Stanford, Calif.
Vellani, CPP, is security consultant and crime analyst with Threat Analysis Group.
More recently, he was an international security consultant, which involved work on the independent team monitoring the LAPD consent decree.
It's important to analyze the assets before spending money on the solution," said David Aggleton, a security consultant.
That's the real bottom line in hiring a security consultant.
Protection One's implementation of a vertically integrated, full-service business model also has created the need for larger facilities to accommodate its growing security consultant staff as well as support teams for those personnel and customers.
The trouble with these gadgets is that they fail," said one security consultant, who asked not to be named.
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