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The total cost (C) in each securities firm includes selling, general and administrative expenses, and interest expenses.
This category also includes claims representing capital of a qualifying securities firm.
The bill essentially eliminates many federal and state law barriers to affiliations that occur among banks, insurance companies and securities firms.
In testimony before the House Committee on Banking and Financial Services, Rubin said Clinton administration proposals would permit affiliations between banks and other financial services companies, such as securities firms and insurance companies.
The only securities firms to survive will be those with strong capital, such as Nomura, Daiwa, and perhaps Nikko.
The qualifying securities firm has a long-term credit rating in one of the three highest investment-grade credit rating categories used by a nationally recognized statistical rating organization
For us and the other major securities firms, it clearly opens a range of strategic alternatives.
Fitch expects that securities firms will maintain stable leverage and capital levels, with some improvement possible as firms seek to ensure market access and protect against ongoing volatility.
Due to the restrictions, not every securities firm can exceed US$50 million in foreign-currency business volume annually.
In 1970, affirmative action was not an epithet, and many of the CEOs of the firms currently on the BLACK ENTERPRISE INVESTMENT BANK list (see June 1995) were either just starting what they imagined would be long careers at white securities firms or pursuing undergraduate or graduate business degrees.
31, 2011 (CENS)--The Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) will lower the total appropriation for delivery settlement fund and the handling fee paid by securities firms to Taiwan Stock Exchange and GreTai Securities Market (over-the-counter market), thereby refunding near NT$3 billion to securities firms.
FOLIOfn is an innovative online securities firm that provides a patented platform allowing investors to economically create and manage a diversified portfolio.
Taipei, March 31, 2011 (CENS) -- Yuanta Financial Holding publicized its intention to take over Polaris Securities yesterday (March 30), vying with China Development Financial Holding in courting for the hands of the securities firm.
a major securities firm, implementing an architecture to support a desktop security platform that will incorporate a multidimensional CWAT system to monitor the usage and extrusion of confidential information.
One integrated securities firm and one securities brokerage reported net losses for three consecutive months.
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