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someone who obtains or acquires


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The securer alternative has been the migration to EMV technology that incorporates chip and PIN.
Pillai, also Chief Controller (R and D), DRDO and hailed largely as the "father of BrahMos" mentions "missile technology" as one of the 10 key and "unique leap-frog technologies" for building a securer and greater future of India, "driven by youth power" in a new book which he has co-authored with the former President APJ Kalam.
Thus while Krsna's identity as Visnu, the regulator of cosmic order and matrix of avatara forms, is most transparent in the Govardhanadhara and Kaliyadamana scenes of Krsna's youth, in his adult life it is above all the image of Krsna mounted upon Garuda and battling Indra for the Parijata tree that communicates his identity as Visnu--as the powerful securer of auspiciousness, domestic felicity, and worldly prosperity.
These are not reforms that only benefit the EU -- of course the countries themselves benefit from safer civil registries, securer passports, better border management, less irregular migration, more effective fights against organized crime and corruption, and more respect of human rights.
Stern rudder was easily manipulative with a handle enabling easier, faster and securer steering.
And in the forwards the return of Mike Ross, after hamstring problems, at tighthead promises more scrum power while Kevin McLaughlin, replacing Peter O'Mahony at blindside flanker, is an effective stealer and securer of the ball.
John Hughes, Director of Faculty and Courses for InfoSec Skills, says, “The sooner we can encourage kids who are interested in IT security down the right path the better, and if we end up with a securer UK and a better represented and staffed industry over the long term, then I've done my job correctly.
The former President SCBA said ,the people think that a new clash which takes place daily among institutions is not only worsening economic situation but also rendering them in securer, she said.
Emotion-Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT-C) is a psychotherapy modality that is distinguished by its emphasis on a couple's attunement to, experience and expression of biologically adaptive primary emotions, such as grief over a loss or anger over an injustice, which promotes securer attachments, healthy identity development, and the maintenance of healthy interpersonal boundaries.
Securer SecurityAs IT requirements change rapidly due to an increasingly complex threat landscape and new usage models, including clouds and numerous CE devices connecting to the Internet, security will remain one of the highest priorities for the IT industry.
That puts Godwin on securer footing with Victorian posterity.
It is hoped that this will have a significant bearing on every road user, making roads far safer and securer to travel, he added.
They will be waiting when we open the door from this storm, and I think we can use two of them as icons for how to rebuild in the coming years and create not only a stronger network of capital facilities but a tighter, securer geopolitical bond that reflects the resource in human capital-rich characteristics of North America.
Kargov said that in order to prevent illegal cigarette trade, securer excise marks will be sold as of March.
It also highlights the benefits of sharing sensible crime prevention advice to make for safer and securer communities.