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Synonyms for secular

Synonyms for secular

relating to or characteristic of the earth or of human life on earth

not religious in subject matter, form, or use

Synonyms for secular

someone who is not a clergyman or a professional person

characteristic of or devoted to the temporal world as opposed to the spiritual world

not concerned with or devoted to religion

of or relating to clergy not bound by monastic vows


characteristic of those who are not members of the clergy


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To conclude, the Russian Muslim intelligentsia was born around 1905, when we can first document secularly educated progressive Russian Muslim intellectuals conceiving of themselves as a distinct intelligentsia.
The solution he offers allows both religious and nonreligious traditions to contribute to the articulation of human rights values, in effect providing pluralism as the engine that drives the application of Article 9, rather than secularism or secularly laden neutrality.
Given the persistently higher growth rates for the smallest firms and the critical failure of the variance of the log distributions to rise over time, this study suggests that any practical fears about secularly rising industry concentration, due to the purely random component of firm growth, might well be put at greater ease.
571 1791 12474 # Europe's share fell secularly from 1914 to 1980 but then began to reverse course, with the growth of intra-EU FDI, following the Single European Act of 1986 and the creation of the euro.
I've known many of these people for a very long time, and the chance that they could come up with a consensus on controversial issues such as "employment preferences" or even how to separate religious activities from secularly funded activities at an institution is absolutely nil.
In chapter 2, he launches the comparison with the parallel between Hebrew's development as a national language to identify Jews secularly and culturally, not just religiously, and Urdu's transition from a vernacular language to a national language with the secular goal of creating a Pakistani culture freed from Hindi's erstwhile predominance.
As a field of study, it scrutinizes contexts and cause and effect relationships, interpreting the past both skeptically and secularly.
Moreover, secularly declining physician visit productivity and rising service intensity of visits reinforce the importance of identifying factors that affect physician productivity over time--including organizational interventions such as the GHC Access Initiative that incorporate changes in compensation incentives, practice redesign, alterations in patient appointment scheduling, and secure patient-physician web messaging.
In her concluding comments, Valkeakari supposes that when Toni Morrison calls for real world resolutions "down here in Paradise," she is using "spiritually derived but secularly oriented words" (202).
Perhaps we need less exposure to the Second World War and more on such themes as how Christianity came to be the dominant creed, the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation, relations between Church and state, and the deep causes of present secularly," he writes in the introduction to Earthly Powers.
Of particular importance here is tracing how over time elements of the Roman Catholic Church were secularly transformed into "civic and courtly pageantry in praise of the Queen" (75).
3) A decisive alteration of the word "canon" occurred in 1768 when David Ruhnken applied the term to writings or "selections" by secular literary authors (4)--improperly, for secular was not sacred, and while literary writers may have moralized secularly to their readers, they did not intend to regulate spiritually according to a specific theology.
These cadres are largely university educated within the region and secularly minded.
In its note, Fitch said the spin-off is probably not a bad idea, ridding it of a newspaper division that is "the more secularly challenged business in Fitch's view.
13) Other arguments, also expressed secularly, converge with important themes in religious approaches to reconciliation.