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the activity of changing something (art or education or society or morality etc

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transfer of property from ecclesiastical to civil possession

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As far as the discussions on the Muslim world are concerned with the process of secularization, the question of whether Islam and democracy are compatible has been a major focus, driven by the assumption that a linear relationship prevails among modernity, secularization and democracy However, the pattern created by the secular-nationalist-authoritarian regimes that dominated the entire Islamic world in the 20th century and the religious-oppositional-civil movements that have been revived since the 1980s has prompted a reformulation of the question as follows: "are secularization/laicism and democracy compatible?
In the debate over Schema XIII (eventually GS) in the third session of the council, bishops from the Third World complained that the document was too First World in its approach, (8) too focused on secularization and Communism; the complaint was likewise directed at the final version.
In another instance, he argues, "[Turkish] secularization has remained limited, as indicated by the fact that over 70 percent of women in Turkey still wear the headscarf, and masses of people keep voting for the so-called 'Islamist' parties" (p.
Neo secularization theorists reviewed secularization theory and determined that traditional theories did not unilaterally claim secularization of religion as the condition of modernization (8).
In western Europe, for instance, according to the study, religious diversity will keep increasing as secularization and migration continue to transform the religious landscape.
In the Arab world secularization was also an integral part of the modernization processes under military dictatorships.
The pope said at the time of the inauguration of the council that one of the reasons behind its creation was that secularization had caused "a serious crisis" of the sense of the Christian faith and the role of the church.
Bringing many texts into gothic criticism for the first time, Gothic Riffs relies on a similar method, for it often provides a quick plot summary, juxtaposes similar texts to highlight a repeated narrative scenario, interprets that scenario as a means of working through a basic cultural problem, and links that problem to the wider process of secularization.
Feiner acknowledges that the concept of secularization is no longer in vogue among social scientists and historians but, resisting the winds of fashion, insists that the shortcomings of "the secularization thesis"--especially its teleological assumption that modernization entails, ultimately, the collapse of religion--do not warrant a blanket rejection of the view that secularization was a key process in the transformation of European society in the modern era.
From the questions of multiple jurisdictions in Canada (5) to United States Supreme Court decisions on the use of tax payers' money to fund religious themed displays in public spaces (6) to debates about the Islamic veil in France (7), recent debates on secularization focus predominantly on application.
Since the 1970s, the secularization thesis has been forced onto the defensive as a tide of religiosity - often "fundamentalist" in nature - gained renewed influence in the major traditions, including Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism.
John Wolffe examines the evolution of public religion for the British monarchy, including the oaths sworn by incoming kings and queens, to define a process of secularization by pluralization.
The Book of God: Secularization and Design in the Romantic Era.
From Islam's status in multiculturalism, global issues, and issues of secularization, author Frederic Volpi presents a high fascinating and scholarly read, making "Political Islam Observed" a must for anyone discussing and seeking to understand Islamic politics around the world
The secularization in the Romanian Orthodox Church public discourse about Romania's integration into the European Union