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an advocate of secularism

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The European Union and United States condemned the move against Cumhuriyet, a pillar of the country's secularist establishment.
With the common enemy -- the secularist old guard -- defeated, there was little to hold the alliance together.
In fact, there was a time when Erdoy-an was hailed as the great democratic reformer against the old secularist establishment under the guardianship of the military.
The Iranian-born secularist is well known for her talks which highlight aspects of Islam she does not agree with.
After deeply engaging with a plethora of primary and secondary sources, Ardic sees the empire divided between an Ottoman "center" (Istanbul) and a "periphery" (North Africa and India), two regions dominated by three primary groups of actors: traditionalists, who believed the caliphate held both spiritual and political authority worth preserving; Muslim modernists, who emphasized the temporal-political value of the caliphate; and secularists, who, considering the caliphate a purely spiritual institution, wanted to "destroy" it.
Summary: Tunisian prime minister-designate Habib Essid proposed a new coalition cabinet on Monday including secularists, Islamists and smaller parties, after politicians rejected a line-up announced last week as unrepresentative.
The headscarf is understood by secularists to be an emblem of political Islam and therefore a threat to the Turkish republic's secular identity.
Turkey's main opposition and secularist Republican People's Party (CHP), which said it would contest the headscarves being worn in parliament, put up little resistance Thursday.
Earlier, security forces fired tear gas in fields around the courthouse in the Silivri jail complex, west of Istanbul, as defendants' supporters gathered to protest against the five-year trial, a landmark case in the decade-long battle between Erdogan and the secularist establishment.
Critics see the case as a ploy to stifle opposition, part of a grand plan by the leader to tame the secularist establishment, including an army that intervened to topple governments four times in the second half of the 20th century.
Critics charge the trial is based on feeble evidence and is a government ploy to muzzle secularist opponents.
But a spate of recent violent incidents, including attacks on the American Embassy in Tunis last month, have fueled new tensions between the moderate Islamic government and liberal secularist opposition parties over Islam's role and the best way to handle extremists.
As a secularist and an atheist (again, not the same thing), I have no wish to take away anyone's freedom to follow their religion, as long as it does no harm to others - and as long as it is not forced on others.
The 'Arab Spring', or the 'Great Arab Secularist Disappointment of 2011/2' With its light-hearted name and revolutionary spirit, the Arab Spring exploded onto the pages of history books.
This speech is very dangerous," Said Issam Chebbi, a leading member of the secularist PDP party, told Reuters.