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a doctrine that rejects religion and religious considerations

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However, for these people who "waited patiently for 100 years" and who believe the "persecution ended 77 years ago," secularism can mean quite different things.
The present project sought to empirically test the suggestion that a defense against secularism helps explain American Christian close-mindedness.
It is the overarching theme of Inventing the Individual: The Origins of Western Liberalism that secularism, properly understood as civil liberty and moral equality, is Christianity's gift to the world.
Consider the tasks a person would have to perform to live secularism well:
Our nation is run by a constitution which has secularism as a pillar," she said, adding that " whichever party is in the government is responsible to take care of the safety of the life and religious beliefs of the people".
She also said that there can be no India without secularism and it remains more than an ideal.
The political secularism of the Congress party is the reason for their poor performance.
Secularism extols freedom, but if secularism becomes an ideology, it forgets that freedom must involve the possibility of questioning the way things are.
Secularism is the most misunderstood and mangled `ism' in Pakistan's political lexicon.
It argued for a version of secularism that is authentically pluralistic.
Secularism as an English term -- in contrast to the French concept of laicite -- simply means the neutrality of the state on matters of faith.
Summary: "I define secularism as nation first, India first.
This lack of understanding is particularly evident with regard to the concept of secularism, which is of major importance given the rise of Islamist elements following the downfall of tyrannical regimes--as happened in Tunisia and Egypt--and given the complex struggle in Syria.
The Congress party on Monday came down heavily on Modi for his comment that the Congress party hides behind the veil of secularism when it does not have answers to key questions facing the nation.
The topics include gratitude as the foundation of theistic ethics, freedom of choice and principles of self-determination, the post-secular in post-atheistic Russia, academic ethics and secular medicine, and the challenge of secularism to philosophical ethics.