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a doctrine that rejects religion and religious considerations

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Some people and more specifically adherents of crude secularism believe that this brings the whole notion of secularism' under crisis.
There can be no Indianness, no India without secularism.
Secularism is the principle of separation of government institutions and persons mandated to represent the state from religious institutions and religious dignitaries.
The claim that secularism is really just Christianity in disguise is manifestly false.
It turns out that tyranny and secularism can coexist.
Supreme Court's treatment of "church-state separation" since the mid-twentieth century, and the complex dance between faith and secularism in America's free religious marketplace.
But at some point the nature of democracy and secularism - two facets of the broader concept of liberal society - needs to be part of a policy debate between the US and India.
In a country like Egypt where the choice was gradually leaning towards whether it was to be secularism or a theocracy, many developing countries do not have to contend with such a stark choice.
Other sessions at the conference explored secularism in France, where the government is at odds over how to regulate Islamic dress in public spheres, and in Israel, a secular state where religious groups, particularly ultra-Orthodox Jews, wield heavy influence.
To their credit, the contributors to the Joy of Secularism agree that it is not enough to attack religion; secularism owes it to the world to present an alternative, positive, attractive ideal of life that can replace that of religion.
While secularization deals with a "fact" and its "interpretation" ("secularization paradigm"), secularism deals with a worldview and a political project, as it is explained below.
By examining implementation of laws pertaining to religious education, to religious endowments, and to inheritance of family property, Nandini Chatterjee argues that what began under the Company's Raj and continued under the British Crown generated the formation of official attitudes and procedures and that these have continued to define a special kind of secularism in our own day.
SIR - Norman Plaisted, like so many who are too willing to listen to religious propaganda rather than check the facts, is completely misinformed about what atheism and secularism really are (Letters, March 17).
There is a definition of secularism in Turkey's Constitution dated 1982.
He will also say: "Perhaps more than ever before, there is that aggressive secularism and there are those who would indeed try to destroy our Christian heritage and culture and take God from the public square.