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the activity of changing something (art or education or society or morality etc

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transfer of property from ecclesiastical to civil possession

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Lord Carey said it was a "bit rich" to hear Mr Cameron tell religious leaders to face down aggressive secularisation when the Coalition seemed to be "aiding and abetting" such a practice.
That some sort of correlation, imperfect and broad, does exist between secularisation, on the one hand, and sexual and demographic changes, on the other, is well established in this book.
She adds: "For me, one of the most worrying aspects about this militant secularisation is that at its core and in its instincts it is deeply intolerant.
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1997]; and Secularisation in Western Europe, 1848-1914 [New York: St.
Toutefois, la demarche n'aspire pas a couvrir tous les aspects du discours public de l'EOR concernant le theme mentionne, mais une partie bien delimitee: la secularisation.
Prof Badham said, in his opinion, the evidence was against secularisation theory, which says that as society advances, religion declines.
As early as the 19th century, western social scientists were already predicting the demise of religion and the rise of secularisation as the inevitable result of modernity and liberal democracies.
A partir de sources riches, mais peu exploitees, telles les archives de la Lord's Day Alliance of Canada et de la Ligue du dimanche du Que'bec ainsi que du journal The Lord's Day Advocate (1903-1926), il cherche a renouveler la discussion sur la secularisation de la societe canadienne au XXe siecle.
In Theology and Secularisation, a pastoral instruction issued at the end of March, 2006, the Spanish bishops say theologians have "disturbed ecclesial life and the faith of simple persons" through their dissent from the hierarchy, false teaching on the person of Jesus Christ, and negation of such "truths of our faith" as "the resurrection of the flesh, individual and final judgement, purgatory, and the real possibility of eternal damnation (hell), or eternal happiness (heaven)" (Tablet, Aug.
Unfortunately I can't because secularisation has been welcomed by the church.
This apparently simple act is underscored by centuries of philosophical and architectural visions, from the biblical descriptions of the Holy Citadel, Vitruvius' circular ideal city, Ebenezer Howard's Garden City, to the Modernist secularisation of contemporary urban utopia by the rigour of the grid and the excesses of motorisation (Chandigarh, Brasilia, Canberra).
He added: "I deplore this gradual but steady secularisation of the sacraments.