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Synonyms for sectionalize

divide into sections, especially into geographic sections

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Tenders are invited for Construction Of Preparatory Sectionalization Stoppings By Rrm In 25 Dip District Of No Ii A Plus B Seam To Sectionalize The Depillaring Panel At Mahadeopuri Underground Mine Of Pench Area
The $600,000 project will help sectionalize the transmission line into smaller segments.
Tenders are invited for Construction Of 11 Nos Sectionalization Stoppings Rcc 30 Cm Thick In Ug From 0L To 10L Between 41D And 42D To Sectionalize The 7Le And 2Le Panels In Seam Vi B At Rajendra Ug Mine Of Sohagpur Area
Combined, they help field technicians to identify and sectionalize network and equipment problems.
The combined hardware/software solution gives the provider complete end-to-end DSL testing and trouble isolation capabilities from the customer premises to the Internet service boundary, including local loop issues, DSLAM/RT configurations, ATM/IP logical layer throughput and can command the customer premises equipment (CPE) test capabilities found in most ADSL2 modems to rapidly and accurately sectionalize problems anywhere in the circuit.
Ranging from performance issues, inability to sectionalize, network expansion, etc.
This provides the user with a unique ability to sectionalize problems in IP networks - within the customer environment, across the Internet, or in the local loop.
The 900AST supports a full range of individual tests to categorize and sectionalize potential problems.
Enterprises can also sectionalize poor performance by measuring and analyzing the server connect and server response times.