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Tenders are invited for Construction Of 9 Nos Of Rcc Sectionalisation Stoppings At Seam V Sector C West Side At Silewara Colliery Of Nagpur Area By Providing Complete Constructional Material
Tenders are invited for Construction Of 22 No Sectionalisation Stoppings At Ab Incline
Sectionalisation Stopping In Sonachora Seam At Pit No.
Tenders are invited for White Washing And Plastering Of Sectionalisation Stopping As Per Violation Of Iso At Dharam Incline Chhal Sub Area
Tenders are invited for Construction Of 8Nos Sectionalisation Stoppings At -3L,-4L,-5L,-6L,-7L In Between 2R And 3R And 2R,1R,0R In Between -7L And -8L In Bogra Seam At Ratibati Colliery
sectionalisation stopping at Bhawani incline of Ambara Colliery KA