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An example is medical students learning sectional anatomy of the brain with the horizontally sectioned specimens.
The individuals independently reviewing the films in this study had very similar knowledge of sectional anatomy and pathology that may have contributed to their very high agreement levels.
Thin sectional anatomy, three-dimensional reconstruction and visualization of the heart from the Chinese Visible Human.
8226; New sectional anatomy spreads at the end of units build familiarity with 2D views of anatomic regions
It has new artwork and expanded text; reorganizes the material of the combined abdomen and pelvis into two separate units, with new illustrations; moves the spreads on the spinal cord and cranial meninges from the neuroanatomy unit to the back and head and neck units; has expanded surface anatomy spreads, which are now at the beginning of each unit; and adds sectional anatomy spreads at the end of each unit and new and updated artwork in all sections.
This atlas for radiologists, radiology residents, and technologists presents about 800 illustrations of the normal sectional anatomy of the musculoskeletal system to aid in the diagnosis of diseases affecting the joints, soft tissues, bones, and bone marrow.
We compare the average grade of the students in six different types of questions: 1) Cadaveric preparations shown in the laboratory, 2) Animated photographs of the web, 3) RNM, 4) New cadaveric preparations 5) Sectional anatomy and 6) RX.
This second edition contains new sectional anatomy spreads at the end of each major unit; surface anatomy spreads now include region and reference lines.