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Synonyms for sectary

one zealously devoted to a religion

a person who dissents from the doctrine of an established church

Synonyms for sectary

a member of a sect

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I commend these considerations very earnestly to the attention of the public, calling upon them in the name of Humanity and Progress to see that this scheme is carried out, whether or no any of the various sectaries concerned like the proposal made; and not to allow the fact that they do not happen to have any religion or any morality of their own make them in any way backward to arrange the moral and religious affairs of other people.
Apart from the temperamental idiosyncrasies that must somehow sustain this sort of activity, Edwards's greatest error was to conflate Independents and sectaries, so that a New England authoritarian was scarcely to be distinguished from an antinomian.
Let's not forget that sectaries in the English Civil War had been deeply involved both in Cromwell's armies and in pressing for the King's head to be cut off.
But he has lived with such conspicuous prudence and integrity that most attacks on him, liberal or conservative, discredit themselves as the choruses of chirping sectaries.
With regard to certain religious fanatics of whom the assassins, the Shia sectaries called Haschischim are the most prominent.
Many of these challengers were radical sectaries whose vision of religion and society focused on self-empowerment based upon the individual's relation to God.
When Solomon Schechter first published the Damascus Document (CD) in Documents of Jewish Sectaries, vol.
Speaking on the occasion union council sectaries association president Sikandar khan said in previous year after their demands of the Association local government minister insured the skill up gradation, but in current budget again the union council sectaries are deprived and ignored from their basic right of skill up gradation.
Minister for Information & Broadcasting, Minister for Water & Power, Minister for Law, Minister for Petroleum & Natural Resources, Minister for Railways, DCPC, Sectaries from Finance, Water & Power, Petroleum & Natural Resources, Railways, Chairman BOI and other officials of the concerned ministries attended the ECC meeting.