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Synonyms for sectarian

Synonyms for sectarian

a person who dissents from the doctrine of an established church

Synonyms for sectarian

a member of a sect

Related Words

belonging to or characteristic of a sect

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Mark Adams of Sense Over Sectarianism said: "The fact so much sectarian behaviour has gravitated online is to be expected given this is where so much interaction happens and where it can be anonymous.
Sectarian incidents also covered targeted killings on sectarian grounds, killings in riots, etc.
Babusar accident rescue efforts show sectarian harmony is possible
This comes in light of mounting criticism by human rights groups to the Egyptian authorities' handling of cases of sectarian tension, which have been on the risein the past couple of months, especially in Upper Egypt.
Iran's meddling in the affairs of its neighbours and other states, in aiding, training, indoctrinating, supplying arms to states and sectarian militias in a bid to undermine stability and security and weakening the central governments in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, is alarming.
According an HRCP report released in April, eight incidents of sectarian violence were reported from across Pakistan.
The groups argued the scholarships violated a "no-aid" clause in Oklahoma's constitution banning public support for sectarian institutions; most voucher recipients used the vouchers to attend private, religious schools.
In fact, when the shah was overthrown, the country that first gave him safe harbor was Egypt, the region's largest Sunni power, something unimaginable in today's sectarian atmosphere.
The second reason is that the strong and deep-rooted sectarian structures have turned in time into alternative "imagined communities.
With each passing day, sectarian harmony and religious tolerance is becoming one of the most pressing needs for peaceful co-existence.
Sectarian violence from Shiite militias has been rife and at times comparable to that of ISIS.
The country needs secular rather than sectarian parties that hold the key to democratic process.
Since June 2014, the world has watched as sectarian violence has engulfed Syria and Iraq.
This is what the United States did while vacating its occupation of Iraq by way of handing over affairs of the country to a particular sect and is now again trying to influence things with a sectarian approach in connivance with a country that it has been maligning for decades.
Different sectarian groups have now become a part of their network.