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The scheme had already reached the stage in which it was permissible to hire an office and engage a secretary, and he had been deputed to expound the scheme to Mary, and make her an offer of the Secretaryship, to which, as a matter of principle, a small salary was attached.
I was not looking for a secretaryship at all, or anything of the sort, but I chanced to hear his history one night, and I was curious to analyze, so far as possible, his attitude towards life and his fellows, on his reappearance in it.
I wrung his hand, mentally relinquishing my secretaryship while I thanked him for the invitation.
This touch and go young Barnacle had 'got up' the Department in a private secretaryship, that he might be ready for any little bit of fat that came to hand; and he fully understood the Department to be a politico-diplomatic hocus pocus piece of machinery for the assistance of the nobs in keeping off the snobs.
71 lists Harradine's secretaryships as including: the Shop Assistants, the Marine and Harbour Trust Employees Union, the Theatrical Employees Union, the Furnishing Trades Union, the Amalgamated Society of Engineers, the Federated Ironworkers Union, the Baking Trades Union, the Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners, the Fire Fighters Union, the Storeman and Packers Union, the Operative Painters and Decorators Union, the Hospital Employees Federation (no.