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The sixth chapter, Julie Crawford's "Women Secretaries," works to fill a critical void: as Crawford herself observes, while criticism of male secretaryship homoeroticism has become almost commonplace, "there has been almost no analysis or even recognition of women secretaries, particularly of women secretaries who served other women" (111).
A commerce and law graduate, Vivek completed his chartered secretaryship exam in the UK and is a qualified company secretary and management accountant in India.
After all, having been an achiever all her life, the foreign secretaryship seemed destined for this soft-spoken lady with a steely determination from Kerala.
One news report from the time read: "His fellow Blues have paid him the honour of electing him captain of Cambridge University after having tested him for a year in the secretaryship.
The experimental campaigns were so successful that James Yen was invited to assume the general secretaryship of the National Mass Education Association in 1923.
JBR did not oppose these racial stereotypes, but instead benefitted from them by accepting responsibility for the administration of Liberia's public schools, through his editorship of the ACS journal, the Liberian Herald, and his appointment to the secretaryship of the Liberian colony in 1834.
Already this question has been thrown into relief by Mr Cameron's failure to restore David Davis to the shadow home secretaryship, even though his successor Dominic Grieve seems ill-fitted for such a cut-and-thrust role.
The intermediate 10 years in the 1970s were spent combining the secretaryship of the Professional Cricketers' Association with the necessity to earn a living as a bookmaker in the Walsall area until Michael Blair retired as cricket correspondent and moved inside as sports editor.
In 1885 Stanley left his job at Singers and his honorary secretaryship of the football club when he moved to Walsall, having purchased a bicycle business in the Staffordshire town.
KTC joint principals Amy Burgess and Dorothy King, who wrote this report in Lucy's absence, similarly commented in reference to her honorary secretaryship of KUSA's Education Committee and its predecessors (on which she served continuously from 1908 until the late 1940s):
Time was when the general secretaryship of the Labour Party was a big job for a big man.
No substantial monographs appeared during his secretaryship, but he published a pamphlet on The Episcopal Succession in Ireland During the Reign of Elizabeth (Dublin, 1866; first published in the Irish Ecclesiastical Record of which he was a founding editor), a subject of much controversy at the time, and a new edition, with prefatory memoir, of Peter Lombard's De Regno Hiberniae Sanctorum Insula Commentarius (Dublin, 1868) which, however, contains only the last part of Lombard's work, not the interesting earlier parts.
Though Jay Lovestone had accepted the new line, added his voice to the denunciation of Bukharin, and seemed the most secure of party leaders, at the Sixth Convention in April 1929 Comintern plenipotentiaries Philip Dengel and Harry Pollitt peremptorily ordered him to cede the general secretaryship to Foster.
Of a character at a dinner party of luminaries, "it was rumored that in the same week he had been offered the Secretaryship of State, the Presidency of an ancient University, and the control of a great industrial corporation.