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Nora Zangabeyo, Secretary for Social Welfare and Services THE FOLLOWING IS THE LIST OF SECRETARIES TO THE NORTHERN SECTOR SECRETARIAT Yasir Jafar Ibrahim, Secretary for Political Affairs and Mobilization
The Article begins with a description of the number of people in the judge's chambers, both secretaries and clerks.
Thus he presents his career as being at odds with his poetic production, and he does so in correspondence with other secretaries.
In view of the foregoing, it would seem the recruitment, care and nurturing of secretaries would be a matter of first importance.
Sheehan highlighted one of the real-world challenges during the lunch panel: "We're seeing Corporate Secretaries turning to technologies that will enable them to submit (SEC and EDGAR filings) in HTML.
The participating countries felicitated Cabinet Secretary Raja Hassan Abbas on electing as Chairman of the 3rd Cabinet SAARC Cabinet Secretaries meeting.
Officials say the name change by the International Association of Administrative Professionals - the event's nonprofit sponsor - reflects the shifting nature of work performed by secretaries and other office professionals.
Nowhere is this problem more evident, and more complained about, than among the federal government's secretaries--the women who keep the offices running (there are only 400 male secretaries out of some 20,000 in the D.
Effective January 22, 1999, employees in the Office of the Governor /Lieutenant Governor, and all secretaries and deputy secretaries under the purview of the Governor, must report and disclose any gift accepted that has a value over $25, unless such gift is received from a relative or friend and any gift of $25 or less received from a lobbyist, the principal of a lobbyist, or someone who seeks or does business with the state.
Posting orders of four federal secretaries have been issued on Monday by establishment division.
If you are not explicit about the answers to those questions up front, then successive generations of program managers and successive generations of under secretaries or vice-chairmen will have to do so.
In the past decade under three secretaries, however, the American role has precipitously declined, so much so that President Bush seems to have lost interest in the G7 as tool of American economic policy.
Variations on that theme have plagued companies across the area as bosses facing National Secretaries Day today ponder offering flowers, candy or a free lunches to employees with titles as varied as office manager, administrative assistant and receptionist.
I explained that it was out of the question, that only a Prime Minister can remove Secretaries of State.
Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, the Interior and Defense, as well as the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Chair of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation and the Chair of the Council on Environmental Quality.
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