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an administrative unit responsible for maintaining records and other secretarial duties

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French Secretariate General for National Defence (SGDN)
The government of Iraq provides a "receivership secretariate," who works with the USF-I J-7 basing team to complete the transition, Donahue said.
The loan program, to be overseen by Sonora's Secretariate of Infrastructure and Urban Development, will consist of paving five million square yards of roadway surface, plus the construction of storm sewer systems, reconstruction of existing systems and other improvement work in 56 cities on or near Sonora's border with Arizona.
DEwEon-E HEojE QEodir-E KoyE, a publication of the Secretariate of culture and youth in Kurdistan, 1986, p.
In following years, the Secretariate, oversaw the setting up of Catholic Action organisations under the direction of clergy, for young workers, students, girls and rural Catholics.
While speeches by head of the policies secretariate Gamal Mubarak and head of organization Ahmed Ezz appeared to "dot the 'i's and cross the 't's", President Mubarak's speech focused on the future "as he see it, not according to the people's will", emphasizing the "youth's role" and the party's preparedness for the 2010 legislative elections, but deliberately ignoring any mention of the 2011 presidential race, leaving the issue prey to "speculation and obsessions".
Nasser AlKaud, Deputy of the Assistant Secretary General for Economic Affairs, Gulf Cooperation Council -- Secretariate General; H.
Secretariate employees 212 415-4131 or 212 415-4168 U.
On November 19 Bishop Emiel-Jozef De Smedt, speaking for the Secretariate for Promoting Christian Unity, made an important intervention criticizing De fontibus.
National Paint and Coatings Association (NPCA) serves as secretariate of IPPIC.
With the establishment of the Under Secretariate of Defense Industries, Turkey significantly changed its defense acquisition strategy.
CEREMONIAL Secretariate at Ashley House, Monck Street, London SW1P 2BQ will send you a form and details of how to apply, but you cannot nominate someone for a specific honour, only for an honour in general.
Tony Price, head of secretariate at the prison, said the canine duo complemented drugs dogs used to search visitors coming into the jail each day.
However, concentrations of Cd and Pb were below the established metal concentrations in fish by the Health Secretariate of Mexico.
Oceanic Fisheries Programme, Secretariate of the Pacific Community, B.
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