secretarial assistant

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an assistant who handles correspondence and clerical work for a boss or an organization

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Now the secretarial assistant can be based between Leinster House and the constituency office.
Nicola Hayden Company Secretarial Assistant 0208 996 2105
However, the secretarial assistant cannot engage in constituency or active party political work.
Mr Ahern and Mr Cowen, whose governments brought the country to its knees, are entitled to two secretarial assistants, free mobile phone use and VIP services at airports.
Under the current regime, former taoisigh can employ two secretarial assistants - with a maximum annual salary of EUR55,415 -- for up to five years after leaving office.
Enquiries: Nicola Hayden Company Secretarial Assistant 020 8996 2105
A former Taoiseach may employ two secretarial assistants for up to five years after leaving office and one indefinitely after that.
He added: "I understand the secretarial assistants are not subject to the levy because of their employment status.
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