secret society

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a society that conceals its activities from nonmembers

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But we do not have to speculate about this secret society, for I have obtained, at great personal risk, the following leaked minutes from the society's meeting on Inauguration Day last year:
Ron Johnson, who is also head of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, relentlessly pursued a mention about secret society in one of Page's messages.
The secret society of self-styled "Illuminated" ones became incredibly influential by attracting influential men and, particularly, by infiltrating the Masonic lodges of Europe, from Paris and Berlin to St.
The story is populated with such historical figures as Hitler, Tesla, and a not-lost Amelia Earhart, all involved in the struggle between the secret society of unscrupulous scientists and an unbelievable world of science and technology that is spotlighted at the 1939 World's Fair.
Kesha has actually joked in an interview that she was "really the leader of the Illuminati", while Jay-Z's mentor Jaz-O went so far as to claim that his protege has links to the secret society, according to Times Of India.
It's just a feeling that you have, it's just a feeling that we get, it's hard to define but the only way I can describe it to you is that it's a sort of secret society.
Matt Monroe and The Secret Society is available in both print and ebook format.
Let us all pray for some genuine inspiration rather than an easy European option in selecting a genuine successor to St Peter rather than preserving an all-too-convenient secret society bent on perpetuating its own power base.
Hostel C5, 10pm Horror following three backpackers who fall into the clutches of a secret society who offer their wealthy clients the chance to torture people to death.
And the art world itself can be seen as a huge secret society for the already initiated.
The mysterious cryptogram, bound in gold and green brocade paper, reveals the rituals and political leanings of an 18th century secret society in Germany.
The rituals detailed in the document indicate the secret society had a fascination with eye surgery and ophthalmology, though it seems members of the secret society were not themselves eye doctors.
Internationally recognized local artist Scott Holloway will host an opening reception for his new show at Secret Society Tattoo from 7 to 10 p.
In a secret society, he works out schemes for radical reform, never guessing the risks he runs.
These include the hidden tunnel beneath the Vatican; Area 51 in Nevada; the former chapter-house of Valencia Cathedral in Spain, where it is claimed that the Holy Grail is held; the island of Montecristo and its treasure; Wewelsburg Castle in Germany, the headquarters of Heinrich Himmler's SS; Disneyland's Club 33, the private retreat designed by Walt Disney before his death; the cavern of Beati Paoli, a secret society of assassins in Sicily; the "Arctic Eden," where seeds of all the world's plants are stored as a precaution against ecological disaster; and university secret societies like Yale's Skull and Bones society.