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a car that has been previously owned

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One in four (26 per cent) of the 3,000 people surveyed who had bought a secondhand car since 2012 now has regrets about their purchase, with many of them saying they had not worked out whether it was really affordable or that the purchase price was too much in the first place.
David, who owned a secondhand car dealership in Tipton for over 40 years said his mum was a strong headed woman.
Khan says he buys used cars in Jeddah and also goes to Riyadh to buy secondhand cars and sell them in Jeddah.
USED car valuation experts reckon models in the latest Mazda6 range will be worth more than key rivals when they reach the secondhand car lots.
The government is inviting me to spend 10,000 [pounds sterling] now instead of 6,000 [pounds sterling] in five years' time on another secondhand car.
One leading trade data-guide publisher says secondhand car buyers will now find a more varied collection of brands when visiting franchised dealerships, as these retailers attempt to satisfy heightened demand and tackle low supply issues by selling non-franchise used cars.
The team tries to make an ordinary secondhand car lap the test track as fast as a new, purpose-built sports saloon, and Mark Wahlberg is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.
According to police investigations, the damaged Koran was found Monday morning in front of a secondhand car dealership in the town run by 37-year-old Pakistani Ahmed Imtiaz Gondal.
3 Akerlof [1] presents secondhand car transactions as an example of a market with asymmetric information.
In the city of Piacenza, south of Milan, an enterprising secondhand car dealer named Lino Baldini has opened an exhibition space with the Latin name Placentia, which shows the work of Antonio Riello, Alessandra Galbiati, and Enrica Borghi, among other young Italians, as well as artists from abroad.
This secondhand car dealership was everything you wouldn't want when buying a used motor.
Reyes, a seller of secondhand car parts, tagged Villanueva as the motorcycleriding man who held him at gunpoint around 11 a.
A survey by Citizens Advice of 874 drivers who had bought a secondhand car found that nearly two-thirds (63%) did not check if the car had an outstanding loan attached and two in five had never heard of a logbook loan.
SECONDHAND car dealers will be visited by Middlesbrough trading standards officers to remind them of their legal obligations before making sales.