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someone who endorses a motion or petition as a necessary preliminary to a discussion or vote

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While rule 3(2) of the President Election Rules, 1988 provides: "Every nomination paper shall be accompanied by an attested copy of the extract from the electoral roll in which the person nominated is enrolled as a voter and attested copies of the identity cards of the proposer and the seconder issued by the Senate Secretariat, National Assembly Secretariat or, as the case may be, Provincial Assemblies Secretariats.
He couldn't even get a seconder in order to put it to the vote.
Any member of the GTA is able to nominate themselves for election to the chairman's position, providing they can secure a proposer and a seconder, both of whom must also be GTA members.
You can nominate yourself or be nominated by others, with the proposer and seconder being financial or life members of the ACF.
The seconder was Barriere Lake First Nation (Quebec) technician Russell Diabo, who was acting as proxy for B.
Anyone aged 55 and over who would like to stand for election is invited to submit their name, address and seconder.
A motion requires a seconder because unless more than one person in the group wants to discuss the issue, it is a waste of the group's time.
If Pawar eventually throws his hat in the ring, he will have to ensure a proposer and a seconder from the east zone ( both associations should be full members), and that could test him.
On a procede au recrutement de nouveaux agents de nettoiement et Extranet a ete mise sur pied pour seconder Netcom.
Court said in its decision that petitioner failed in explaining that how his nomination papers were according to law and he should firstly find Proposer and Seconder of his nomination papers.
However, proposer and seconder would have to appear and prove registration of their votes at the time of submission of the nomination form.
Prospective candidates have until noon on April 4 to submit their nominations papers which must be signed by a proposer and a seconder with 28 other registered electors within the city assenting to their nomination.
Before a prospective candidate is allowed to stand, he or she must obtain 10 signatures: a proposer, a seconder and those who signed the nomination papers.
These should have a proposer and seconder and should be received by July 11 at PO Box 1908, Huddersfield, HD4 6WT.
13) According to the bill's seconder (Senator Terry Mercer) "the end--high voter turnout--has justified the means: mandatory voting.