secondary winding

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coil such that current is induced in it by passing a current through the primary coil

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Transformers are called for in a simple language and prototype device consists of two sets of primary and secondary windings square and surrounding magnetic sheets of iron core transformers.
This is considered as a disadvantage for wave winding, but this may be corrected by connecting capacitors in the secondary winding.
Due to the larger inductance from the increased diameter of the windings, the secondary winding was only a few turns.
Since the saturation network is also a short circuited secondary winding, but with a high resistance, a small current exists in and heats the metal in the saturation network.
This is multiplied enormously by the secondary winding, resulting in a very long, hot, crackling blue spark that will fire through even a badly carboned spark plug point gap.
The most cost-effective way to achieve this is to design a single transformer and arrange the secondary winding turns-ratios to generate the required output voltages.
When switch 'S' is on, the primary winding of the transformer gets connected to the input At this time the diode 'D' connected in series with the secondary winding gets reverse biased due to the induced voltage in the secondary.
The Primary Side Has To Handle A Minimum Of 1200a @ 480v While The Secondary Winding Shall Be Set To 5a @ 480v.
It is a two winding transformer with provision for secondary winding deformation in a reproducible manner.
35 A, the rated voltage at the secondary winding holostomhode 12.
Engineering, supply and delivery of traction transformers primary voltage rating, 15 or 20 kV three phase, 50 Hz, single or double secondary winding, secondary voltage rating of 585 V or 1175 V and power from 1 to 5.
5 percent minus 5 percent high voltage connected in delta whereas low voltage side connected in star having vector grouping DYn 11 with neutral of secondary winding brought out for earthing maximum current density should be 2.