secondary syphilis

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the second stage

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Increased HIV and primary and secondary syphilis diagnoses among young men--United States, 2004-2008.
Fracastoro's 20th century scions figure that half of sex partners whose bed mate has primary or secondary syphilis get the disease.
Latent syphilis follows secondary syphilis and is a period of relatively few symptoms and a decreased chance of passing on the infection.
An editorial comment on the findings pointed out that the increase in the primary and secondary syphilis rate from 1.
Trends in primary and secondary syphilis among men who have sex with men in the United States.
health officials in 2006, according to CDC, representing an almost 12 percent increase in primary and secondary syphilis cases over 2005.
Widespread vasculitis may be a feature of secondary syphilis, presenting with syndromes including hepatitis, iritis, stroke and meningovascular disease.
Secondary syphilis follows in 4-10 weeks with oral lesions and a diffuse rash involving the palms and soles.
The overall rate of primary and secondary syphilis reported in the United States declined during the 1990s and in 2000; however, the rates of primary and secondary syphilis in men began increasing in 2000, leading to an overall rate increase in 2001.
Over 6,100 cases of primary and secondary Syphilis cases were reported to the CDC in 2001.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention document a decline in the incidence of primary and secondary syphilis since 1990.
Analysis of skin biopsy and serology specimens revealed that the patient had secondary syphilis.
In 1996, 11,387 cases of primary and secondary syphilis in the United States were reported to the U.
Pilot study of azithromycin for treatment of primary and secondary syphilis.
5 per 100,000) and seventh in primary and secondary syphilis (10.