secondary storage

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a data storage device that is not the main memory of a computer

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As managing director, Hourmouzis will be responsible for Cohesitys development and growth in the region, helping customers understand how to achieve radically efficient secondary storage and building relationships with partner resellers.
CrossRealms has the expertise and resources to help organizations of all sizes, from SMBs to Enterprise, effectively deploy Cohesity to meet their unique secondary storage requirements.
In most cases, primary storage files that had not been modified in the last year would be sent to secondary storage.
This ILM-aware distributed backup makes efficient use of ILM's archive pointers by retaining one copy of a file on either backup or secondary storage.
The unit also delivers impressive performance for SATA secondary storage device delivering 1,150 MB per second sustained throughput and over 117,000 disk I/O operations per second.
Is the secondary storage facility located in a dry desert climate?
The NetApp NearStore R100 provides economical, scalable, and easily managed secondary storage that integrates seamlessly within enterprise network infrastructures.
SATABeast's innovative combination of technologies delivers unsurpassed capacity, performance, reliability and cost savings for primary and near-line storage, disk-to-disk backup, secondary storage and fixed content archive applications.
Real-time synchronous replication is the most effective type of replication for high-availability clusters and server failover in a LAN environment, since the data is completely identical at all times between the primary and secondary storage server.
The company offers secondary storage products based on tape drives, autoloaders, libraries, media, software and hardware components for mainstream configurations.
IP SAN secondary storage can provide a costeffective disk-based staging area for a Fibre Channel-based tape and backup infrastructure.
With unparalleled density, security and energy efficiency, the SATABeast is ideally suited for primary and near-line storage, disk-to-disk backup, secondary storage and fixed content archive applications.
Secondary storage provides for greater application availability, recovery, and business continuity.
To store necessary data, the Obix system uses internal drives for primary and secondary storage and until recently utilized optical laser drives for archived data.
Again, by assessing and classifying data, IT better understands what data needs to be on tape at given points in time, and what should be retained on secondary storage resources.