secondary storage

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a data storage device that is not the main memory of a computer

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In most cases, primary storage files that had not been modified in the last year would be sent to secondary storage.
This ILM-aware distributed backup makes efficient use of ILM's archive pointers by retaining one copy of a file on either backup or secondary storage.
The unit also delivers impressive performance for SATA secondary storage device delivering 1,150 MB per second sustained throughput and over 117,000 disk I/O operations per second.
It is important to note that whatever practices and media are used for transporting data out of data centers, they must be available for getting that data back into the data center for a restore--and then back again to the secondary storage site once the restore is complete.
IP SAN secondary storage can provide a costeffective disk-based staging area for a Fibre Channel-based tape and backup infrastructure.
With unparalleled density, security and energy efficiency, the SATABeast is ideally suited for primary and near-line storage, disk-to-disk backup, secondary storage and fixed content archive applications.
Secondary storage provides for greater application availability, recovery, and business continuity.
To store necessary data, the Obix system uses internal drives for primary and secondary storage and until recently utilized optical laser drives for archived data.
Again, by assessing and classifying data, IT better understands what data needs to be on tape at given points in time, and what should be retained on secondary storage resources.
These new iSCSI products will be stripped of just enough enterprise features, such as scalability and data replication, to perpetuate the perception that Fibre Channel is best for the enterprise data center while iSCSI is for secondary storage only.
Digi-Data Corporation, an innovator and developer of storage solutions for mid-tier, secondary storage, and fixed content markets, offers the ideal storage solution for Digi-Data Technologies, a data management company specializing in archiving and digitization.
HSM is a 2-dimensional structure where data is automatically migrated from primary to secondary storage when certain policy parameters are met, such as the age of the data or the time since it was last accessed.
ILM solutions create a pointer or placeholder for every file moved to secondary storage.
By running the company's Managed Server HSM for NetWare on Novell servers, inactive and semi-active files are relocated from expensive tier-1 primary storage to tier-2 secondary storage based on administrator-defined migration policies, leaving only small "file pointers" on the primary storage volumes.
The conversion costs to manually migrate Exchange data are avoided as aging Exchange data are automatically migrated from expensive primary storage to lower cost secondary storage with policy-driven management of e-mail retention, migration and eventual deletion.