secondary sex characteristic

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the genetically determined sex characteristics that are not functionally necessary for reproduction (pitch of the voice and body hair and musculature)

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Informed by an evolutionary perspective suggesting that secondary sex characteristics can function as visual heuristics pertinent to a woman's relative capacity to produce/nurture offspring, and mindful of the dual impact of testosterone on body hair growth and infertility among women of reproductive age (Apter, 1980; Azziz et al.
Environmental contaminants can have organizational effects on sex differentiation and on expression of secondary sex characteristics in a variety of vertebrates (3-17).
The lack of secondary sex characteristics in secondary males would indicate that they are opportunistic spawners rather than direct competitors of dominant males.
It is possible to use hormone suppression therapy after a teen has started to develop unwanted secondary sex characteristics.
testes with oocytes) and decreased expression of secondary sex characteristics (Lange et al.
Researchers pointed out that in children who are already going through puberty and are serious about treatment to switch to the opposite gender, intervening at an early stage can keep them from developing secondary sex characteristics like facial hair and breasts, which may head off some of their distress.
This includes the activity of the accessory male sex organs and development of male secondary sex characteristics.
It subsumes both a biological understanding of sexuality in which a person can articulate an orientation to a type of genitals or secondary sex characteristics.
Estrogen replacement therapy was given for induction of female secondary sex characteristics.
Discussion of the first goal, suppression of the puberty-induced secondary sex characteristics of natal sex, will be discussed in this section.
We generally understand the sex of a person as biologically fixed and easily identifiable through the presence of either female or male sex organs, hormones, chromosomes and secondary sex characteristics.
These women may have only subtle outward clinical features, such as slightly short stature or mildly reduced secondary sex characteristics.
All specimens examined were adults as indicated by level of tooth wear (Jackson, 1928; Rudd, 1955) or presence of obvious secondary sex characteristics.
testosterone A steroid hormone that regulates the development of the male reproductive system and male secondary sex characteristics.
Ethnic differences in the presence of secondary sex characteristics and menarche among U.