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Synonyms for expansion

Synonyms for expansion

the act of increasing in dimensions, scope, or inclusiveness

a wide and open area, as of land, sky, or water

Synonyms for expansion

the act of increasing (something) in size or volume or quantity or scope

a function expressed as a sum or product of terms

a discussion that provides additional information

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This secondary expansion reduces the negative strain at the surface of the core and prevents tensile failure and the associated cracks.
The need for secondary expansion follows on from five years of rising pupil numbers in primary schools.
The completion of the massive Hyperion full secondary expansion and upgrade program ended spills at Hyperion; reduced by 95 percent the amount of wastewater solids entering Santa Monica Bay; eliminated the bay's ecological dead-zone near the mouth of the sludge outfall; vastly improved the biological integrity of the bottom-dwelling marine community; increased the relative abundance of many indicator species; and produced partnerships among the public, regulatory agencies, government, dischargers, consultants, and contractors that led to one of the great environmental achievements of the 20th century.
When we break down secondary expansion in developing countries, region by region, the Asian picture becomes more complicated.