secondary coil

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coil such that current is induced in it by passing a current through the primary coil

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ij] is the equivalent mutual inductance of a couple of elementary coils, isolated from the secondary coil array after the current distribution is changed to uniform and [[?
A non-contact power supply eliminates the need for maintenance, sending power and data across an air gap between a stationary primary coil and a rotating secondary coil.
A secondary coil is not even necessary-almost any source of magnetic flux is usable.
Cut-away graphics of one phase of the iSFCL with primary coil outside (copper, ambient temperature), secondary coil (made up of a stack of HTS modules in a liquid nitrogen dewar), and the central iron core (Photo: Business Wire)
It uses an inductive coil placed on the floor of a garage or on a driveway, creating an electromagnetic field that excites a secondary coil attached to the bottom of the vehicle.
The two primary and secondary coil housings already contain all the AC/DC converters as well as the communications and safety equipment for vehicle positioning and foreign-object detection.
The magnetic field is received by the secondary coil.