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of secondary import

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Total quantity or scope: Restoration of the main steam piping through the exchange of steam piping components, and secondarily in the superheated EDF Poland SA Branch in Rybnik.
Once a tax has been properly assessed, the code doesn't require the IRS to then separately assess the same tax against the parties that are secondarily liable for it.
The cysts are typically nontender masses that may become secondarily inflamed or infected, which often brings them to clinical attention.
The Service and the courts have reasoned that a guarantor is only secondarily liable.
Kelley has written an information-rich and stimulating study which, as he writes "is a series of mappings and soundings in the large, and largely uncharted, fields of the practice and theory, ante litteram, primarily of intellectual and secondarily of cultural history" (6).
We view our role as first being a value-added advisor to our clients and secondarily providing the tools necessary to manage an effective real estate transaction.
He rightly understood that his partner was first and foremost a human being, like himself, and secondarily sexual.
Secondarily, Gustav-Wrathall revises our understandings of how twentieth-century sexual norms were transmitted throughout American life.
3 percent, primarily because of the decline in the generation of electricity and secondarily because of declines in the production of crude oil and coal.
If the development of the skyscraper, as the authors remind us, was the result of especially complex processes, their attention is primarily on the technological, secondarily on the formal and aesthetic and only incidentally on social issues.
The company's strategy is to expand primarily by acquisition and secondarily by selective new store openings, to enhance the productivity of existing and acquired stores by increasing customer traffic through improved merchandising techniques, and to establish clusters in order to realize operating and other economic efficiencies.
trade remedies are invoked most often in the metals markets, such as steel, copper and brass, and secondarily in the chemical and allied products markets.