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used of the second year in United States high school or college


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Ninety-six second-year medical students were asked to complete a brief anonymous questionnaire regarding their attitudes about problem-based learning (PBL) as an educational strategy.
Given the structure of our curriculum, our second-year medical students have a unique vantage point to judge the problem-based learning as an educational strategy compared to more traditional lecture-based instruction.
Northwestern University's Kellogg Graduate School of Management offers three management communication electives for second-year MBAs.
For second-year students, Indiana University offers an elective in management communication, which focuses on the analysis and application of communication strategy, oral presentation skills, listening skills, writing skills, corporate communication strategy and communication with the media.
Because of this difficulty, university French teachers frequently encounter in their second-year classes students who have taken one to three (sometimes even four) years of the language in high school.
Yet, a broad vocabulary enriches the pages (I have identified 232 words that second-year college students might not know); and every tense that first year university students can be expected to have studied appears (the present, the imperfect, the pluperfect, the future, the conditional, and the past conditional), plus the past historic, a past tense used in formal writing.
The first day of the second-year class I randomly assign students to groups of four and have them answer questions about their prior experience with French.